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moisturiser-routineI remember being 14, with a much more hairy face than anyone else in my year, meaning I begun shaving without having a clue what I was doing.

Within the space of a few weeks, my cheeks were getting incredibly dry, however these were the days when Google was just emerging (showing my age here), we didn’t have such a wealth of information a click away.

I headed over to Boots and looked around for anything that helped dry skin, before finally finding a moisturiser. I remember a mate seeing me put on moisturiser and teased me. It’s funny to think about 8 years later, they asked me for advice on what to look for with a moisturiser, as they were suffering with dry skin.

I even felt self conscious getting moisturiser out of my bag when I used to go to the gym, as guys would give odd looks, funny how much is changing with time.

All these years on and my beauty regime has developed vastly, partly thanks to working for a beauty brand for 12 months, which taught me so much. I also had to work with numerous beauty influencers, while I inevitably would ask advice along the way.

So here I am, a guy who has probably a longer beauty regime than most women I know, but my focus is purely on anti-ageing benefits. I therefore wanted to share my daily routine for anyone else who wants to learn and ensure they have youthful skin for longer.


I’ve written each section in order, so you should try to follow this routine as best as possible. This is what I do each day in the morning after having a shower/bath.

Wash Your Hands

Before I start listing each item, it is imperative that you wash your hands properly. If there is any dirt or bacteria on the skin, this will transfer to your face and block your pores. You should always wash your hands before touching your face.


A serum is one of the golden tricks to keeping youthful skin. I’m a big fan of the Infinite by Forever firming serum, however this one is a little costly. Some cheaper alternatives include Mend or Bulldog.

Serum will help to smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can refine your pores and help to get rid of those tired signs on the skin.

It is imperative you do the serum BEFORE the moisturiser.

Body Lotion

Admittedly, you don’t need to use body lotion, you can simply use a moisturiser, however it’s where I’m applying it which is important.

I add a small amount onto my hands and then rub it into my neckline. This can be a key giveaway of our age as we get older, however body lotions tend to contain some great ingredients for tackling this, while they’re normally pretty decently priced.

If you like, you can also add some to your elbows, feet or anywhere else that might get dry, but I see that as optional from a personal level.


The most important part of the beauty regime, you’re spoilt for choice with moisturisers. If you’re using it in the morning then you might want one that contains SPF, so it can protect the skin against sun damage, but for evening lotions you’ll want to avoid this.

The moisturiser may also contain high sources of antioxidants, such as chamomile or pomegranate.

Some people are more susceptible to spots, so if you’re unfortunately in this bracket then you might want a non-comedogenic moisturiser.

Apply a pea sized amount and rub it into your skin.

Eye Cream

The skin under your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face, therefore an eye cream can help this highly sensitive area. There is a little debate over the necessity for eye creams, or whether you might as well just rub enough moisturiser in this area, but I personally believe in the value of a good eye cream.

Beard Balm

This is optional, as it’s only needed if you have a beard, otherwise a moisturiser will work perfectly. I find for myself that the moisturiser struggled to get through the hair to my skin, so I started experimenting with beard balms and they worked wonders.

I will openly say you want a liquidy formula, don’t opt for the more solid balms, they’re a load of rubbish.

Hand Cream

I used to be lazy with my hands, as I’m applying so many lotions and creams to my face with my hands, so I figured they would get enough. However, as the season gets colder, I notice my hands going dry, so I am trying to use a hand cream more often.

Weekly Inclusions

Every Sunday, I do a bit of an edited 10 step Korean beauty regime. I kept in my favourite bits and left out the parts I didn’t see any value in.

The process I go through is a cleanser, serum, sheet mask, moisturiser and eye cream. I love a sheet mask, but any beauty brand that says you need them daily is having a laugh. Once a week is perfect, but anymore is simply a little unnecessary.

You can also try an exfoliator once per week, but once again, don’t do this anymore than weekly. You also want to be very careful about which product you choose, as you don’t want an exfoliator that has granules which can tear the skin. Personally, I see this as very much optional and down to personal choice, I normally only exfoliate once per month.

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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