Blorange Hair – The Latest Hair Trend Of 2017

“Blorange is the new black” is being quoted left, right and centre, but was is all this talk about and why is everyone suddenly obsessed with this colouring. We explain it all below and describe how best to tackle this look.

blorange hair style

What Is Blorange Hair?

The term is actually short for ‘blood orange’, which is a type or orange with a deep red inside. This style therefore contains a mix of blonde, red and orange, carefully blended in.


Where Did The Trend Start?

We have Georgia Jagger to thank for the world jumping onto this style. This isn’t to say she was the first person to have this style of hair, but on a post on Instagram she called it Blorange, which was picked up and used throughout.

The peach coloured hair was trending during 2016, however a subtle change has taken place as we enter 2017, with this beautiful blend taking centre stage.


What Hairstyle Does It Suit

The colour can work well with both short or long hair, however a wavy texture seems to offer a slight surfer-girl look. For some people, their natural hairline simply doesn’t match that well, so some are experimenting by colouring the tips blorange.


The Truth

The honest truth is this is just a casual spin on what actually already existed and was trending only six months ago, which was Rose Gold, but with a slightly more orange tinge. Rose gold tends to be slightly more pink, whereas the concept behind Blorange is that you can see anything from orange, red, pink, blonde, plus your natural colour can still remain if you’re a brunette, as long as the blood orange enters the scene.

We reckon this will be a look that will stay around for a while, however it won’t suit everyone unfortunately.

As this just seems to be a spin on what is realistically an already existent look, I can imagine this having another name in 6 months time, claiming to be the latest trend, with a slight dash of purple or brown in there.

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