New Shakeup Cosmetics Skincare For Men – Eye Cream, Lip Balm & Face Wash

Turn back almost two years ago and I had the benefit of trying the Face 4ward Men’s skincare bundle by Shakeup Cosmetics. I’m now delighted to be testing out a few new releases by the brand, including one product I’m in need of, an eye cream!

Age Def-Eye

I had to start with the eye cream, as these especially appeal to me as I suffer with fine lines around the eyes, big bags and constantly sleepy looking eyes.

The skin under your eyes is thinner, hence why the puffiness can be more profound than elsewhere on your face. The area of skin below the eyes is more delicate, therefore some extra consideration needs to go into the skincare routine, with not as many oil glands and collagen in the area.

Of course, some of the issues with the skin below your eyes, such as wrinkles, dark circles, dry skin or ‘sunken eyes’, is based on your genetics and cannot be helped. But other factors could be the ageing process, sun damage or smoking.

So providing it’s not purely based on genetics, you can utilise specially formulated eye creams which are produced to contain specific ingredients which can reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes, as well as tackling the appearance of ageing.

Age Def-Eye contains caffeine, which will help by constricting the blood vessels under the skin, while working like a diuretic and reduce the fluid retention in the area. It also contains antioxidants to fight off free radicals. Caffeine has long been used in eye creams to tackle puffiness and bags.

Age Def-Eye also contains shea butter, which is packed full of antioxidants, while it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

How Long Will It Last? The pack is 15ml, while you only use a small drop for each eye, so it should easily last a minimum of a month, if using daily (I’m hoping it will last a couple of months, but I do share products with Raquel).

What Is The Texture? It’s a cream based formula, like a thin moisturiser, while it easily rubs into the skin. Unlike other areas of the skin, you don’t want to rub too long as the area below the eyes is so delicate.

How Much Does It Cost? You can order the Age Def-Eye Instant Lifting Eye Cream for £28, or you can subscribe for £22.40, saving 20%.


Let’s Be Clear Face Wash & Mask

I use a mask once per week, generally on a lazy Sunday, as they’re ideal to remove any impurities or excess sebum from the face, so the serum and moisturiser can work to the full effect. I used to use them more often, but it was too abrasive for me, so I adjusted to my skin requirements and once per week is deal.

The Let’s Be Clear Face Wash & Mask contains kaolin clay, which is commonly used to tackle blemishes, while also containing anti-bacterial properties. It’s also brilliant for absorbing oils from the skin, perfect for those who suffer with oily skin, something as a teenager I certainly did.

The inclusion of 2% salicylic acid made me very happy, so it can work on exfoliating my face and clearing out any debris and dead skin cells. A common ingredient in face masks and cleansers for good reason, it works!

Speaking of exfoliation, they also include volcanic pumice for this reason, helping to remove dead skin cells and improve radiance.

The addition of tea tree oil is great as its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, helping to improve your facial complexion and tackling blemishes.

How Long Should I Leave It On For? They recommend leaving it on for 5 minutes. I went slightly higher and went for 10 minutes to ensure results were optimal. But a heads-up, increasing the length of time significantly (such as 20 minutes plus) won’t increase results and can often have the opposite effect.

How Did Your Skin Feel? Instantly after it wasn’t noticeable, but it was after applying my serum and moisturiser, I was set down in the living room watching TV an hour later and Raquel looked over, commenting how smooth my skin appeared. That is the reason I started to love a decent face wash, mask or exfoliator, they can be abrasive if over used, but once per week and my skin will look so much more radiant afterwards.


Lip Hero

I HATE when a lip balm doesn’t contain SPF, one of the main points I’m putting on a lip balm is when it gets warmer and my lips go dry, so SPF is absolutely critical. I’m therefore happy to say this products contains SPF 30.

The balm made my lips feel soft and removed any dryness, but most importantly, it didn’t add a shine. The majority of lip balms are catered to a female audience, so some can add a natural gloss, which isn’t ideal for men, who want the balm to create a natural appearance.

The cocoa butter will add moisture to your lips, nourishing any dryness, while it easily absorbs into the lips. They have also utilised hyaluronic acid, which will create that soft and smooth feeling, while it will also draw in moisture. On top of this, you will also notice a subtle plumping effect thanks to the hyaluronic acid.

How Does It Taste? The flavour isn’t overly noticeable, it’s very subtle. They have used peppermint and Yuzu (if you don’t know yuzu, it can provide a citrusy flavour and fragrance, much like mandarin).


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