No time to get ready? Tips and products to speed up your beauty routine.

I have roughly 15-30 minutes to get myself ready in the mornings, due to kids and a fairly long commute. It was quite a challenge at first, but after 5 years I’ve got my morning routine (and my little monsters morning routines) down to a t.

I’ve spent many hours shopping like a demon for super speedy beauty products and I’m happy to present to you my best finds! Whether you’re a working Mum or just have an early commute, these top quick beauty fixes will help you to look like a goddess in no time at all.

A working Mums morning shower

In the mornings I have precisely 5 and a half minutes to shower, before my 20 month old gets bored with the iPad and starts wailing to come out of his cot. Now I know it’s a solid fact that Mums of newborn babies skip the shaving of legs (yes I went there, and don’t deny it) but when the bubas get a little older it’s nice to start feeling a little smoother! Enter Gillette’s Venus razor with Olay – a godsend. With this nifty little razor you can bin the shaving foam and just go straight in! The built-in Olay ‘moisture bars’ release shaving gel and skin conditioner, allowing the 5 razors to glide effortlessly over skin. I usually get sore, prickly legs after shaving unless I use moisturising cream, but with this razor I don’t need to. At £5.77, this product is essential in my morning routine.

Skincare in a hurry

I’ve been told about the ‘dangers’ of using face-wipes as my step 1, 2 and 3 of my skincare routine, but sometimes they are an essential life saver when you just don’t have the energy to spend ten minutes removing makeup before going to bed.

However, I used to find myself spending a good five minutes wiping and wiping, trying to get my mascara off – all the while worrying about how much I am speeding up the ageing process for my eyes. I have tried countless brands of make-up wipes – all different prices – and I now settle for Johnson’s Face Care Make-up Be Gone Pampering Wipes – £1.49. They’re not the cheapest nor do they break the bank, but they’re the quickest, most effective wipes I have found – and they don’t leave me with that tight-face feeling afterwards.

For the nights when I have a little more time and energy, I also use Nivea Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water (on offer at £1.99!). This little beauty is super speedy at cleansing and moisturising, and it does make a noticeable difference to tightness, redness and blemishes. It removes all your makeup effortlessly, though some waterproof mascara’s may be difficult to get off, and leaves a very light oil to moisturise your face. A quick wipe with a cotton wool ball is all that is needed, allowing you to collapse into bed feeling clean and refreshed.

Fix a bad hair day

My hair is always, guaranteed a frizzy mess in the morning. As the owner of a busy family home and naturally big, wavy hair – I am always seeking products to tame the frizz as fast as possible. Enter the Tangle Teaser – £8.99. When I first laid my eyes on this nifty little device on Dragons Den, I knew I had to have it. Honestly, no other hairbrush even compares when trying to delicately brush knots out of hair. Not only does it do this painlessly and quickly, it keeps damage to a minimum for a guilt-free speed-brush.

Going out for the evening but have little time to spruce up your hair style? Try Frizz Ease Secret Agent Touch-Up Creme – £5.99. It can best be described as a moisturising cream/serum, which is applied to dry hair to add a little oomph without any unnecessary frizz. It is my go-to quick fix when my hair needs a little pick-me-up.

I always prefer to dry and straighten my hair after a shower, but if I don’t have time I like to opt for air-dry beach curls. I’ve tried many mousses but my absolute favourite product is Toni & Guy Beach Curl Spray – £3.50. Just spritz and scrunch and leave – so easy and effective. Just be careful not to be too generous with application, unless you want a 90’s style stiff curl.

Quick face prep

Make-up is something that’s difficult to rush, but you can cut down on the amount of products you use – without compromising on the finished look! Olay Double Action Primer & Day Cream is fantastic – I like it because it saves a step in my morning routine, and slides on like silk. At £4.99, it’ll also save you a few pounds!

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is a 2-in-1 foundation and powder which is sure to shave off a good 5 minutes. It comes with a sponge and is super easy to use, just dab on and voila – a flawless, medium-coverage that doesn’t slide off or go shiny. This mac foundation comes in an amazing variety of colours – you’re sure to find something to match your skin colour. I’d say it lasts around 6 hours before needing a re-apply, and costs £22. Not cheap but lasts well.

Let me know if any of these products help you to speed up your morning routine! Good luck 🙂


Evie Garnett

Evie is the Head of Beauty for Suit Your Look, specialising in hair and skin products. She loves nothing better than natural haircare and learning all about the science behind beauty ingredients!

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