The Perfect Hand Moisturiser For Nurses & Sensitive Skin

Whatever your reason, sometimes a basic hand cream simply won’t do. Whether you find yourself dealing with harsh chemicals, if you’ve got sensitive skin, you suffer from eczema or you have soft nails or bruised skin, Vanessa Blake has the answer.

Puriskin is the unbelievable creation of Vanessa Blake, a UK based brand that provides cosmetics using completely natural products, catering to various different skin tone, complexion and sensitivities.

Today we’re going to be looking closely at the Nurse Aid Cream and the two Resurfacing Creams.

Nurse Aid Cream


As you can imagine, this product was developed with nurses and clinical practitioners in mind, who often have to deeply wash their hands using very strong alcohol gels and clinical soap, in order to prevent spreading bacteria or contamination. This can have a disastrously damaging effect on their skin, therefore this product has been tested against the perfect examples, nurses.

It has been shown to have amazing results improving dry and sensitive skin, while not creating a greasy and sticky effect (something we have hated with some products we have inspected in the past). The other health-care focused benefit to this is that you can instantly put on clinical gloves without worrying about it all sticking or feeling uncomfortable.
It’s also very lightly scented, so it has a nice smell without being too overpowering and distracting.

The ingredients are made up of some very healthy ingredients, packing a nutritious punch, with tiger grass, Vitamin E and B, as well as orange oil.

But the most important test, when applied to cut hands, it did not sting, therefore it has our seal of approval!



Resurfacing Formula

If you have stretchmarks, reactions from shaving, blemishes, burns, scabs, scars or generally dry skin, this is the perfect remedy for you.

So lets get to the route of this, as many will claim they can help, but largely they fall short. I believe Puriskin is the step up on all the competitors however, with some key ingredients making the difference.

Firstly, it contains chamomile tea parfum, which offers a great scent, while also soothing irritation on the skin and offering anti-bacterial properties. It also contains tigergrass and vitamin B5, like the Nurse Aid Cream, which helps with cell-renewing.

The use of natural ingredients has been well received, with many cancer patients now opting for these creams during post chemotherapy. The final ingredient I want to highlight is allantoin, a chemical compound which received critical acclaim last year when the media reported on foundings it could heavily extend your life. This was however based on tests where it was consumed rather than rubbed on the skin. No, I’m not saying you need to neck a bottle of lotion, but it is an interesting point on how they will attempt to utilise this chemical for human life longevity drugs in the future. In this case however, its benefits are based around how it helps to heal the skin and soften the area.

puriskin resurfacing cream

What Else Do We Need To Know?

The products are completely suitable for vegetarians, they are ethically made and are not tested on animals. They are also paraben free.

Also, keep an eye out for their lip treatment as well, we will have to investigate these soon!

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