We Review the New Luxury Skincare Range: Advanced Caviar by Skin Chemists London

A brand new range from the famous Skin Chemists, London. The Advanced Caviar collection does actually contain a caviar extract; said to be highly nutricious and effective in repairing and reviving the skin after its daily exposure to environmental stresses.


‘Indulge in Decadence’ is the new range’s tagline. Described as a ‘revolutionary skincare treatment’, these products certainly do look decadent, but do they live up to their bold statements? Evie and Pippa tried and tested three new Advanced Caviar products to find out.

Advanced Caviar Night Moisturiser and Advanced Caviar Day Moisturiser

Tested by Evie.



The Advanced Caviar day and night creams come in beautifully elegant round mirrored bottles, resembling it’s key ingredient in a luxurious and stylish way.

First, the day cream. Not only does it contain the magic caviar extract, it’s formulated with Alpine Rose Stem Cells which aim to improve the skin’s barrier function to reduce loss of essential moisture and nutrients. It also contains Powdered Pearl which helps to smooth and regenerate the skin, evening the skin tone and improving skin health.

I am not exaggerating when I say you only need to use a teeny tiny amount. This silky smooth cream glides onto your face easily. When I first applied the cream, my face felt wet, but after a few seconds it dried beautifully into a soft matte. I love how fast drying this cream is – I hate having to keep my hair pinned away from my face whilst waiting for other creams to dry. With the Advanced Caviar day cream I felt as though I had a supple mask over my face, but not in a tight, uncomfortable way.


With absolutely no shine to be seen, my nose was a soft matte with a perfect slight glow!

This time of year really dries my skin out, but the harsh cold wind had no effect on my face and prevented the notorious dry patches around my nose. I truly felt as if I had an invisible barrier protecting my face.

The Advanced Caviar night cream is different to other night creams I’ve used. The consistency is thin and glides on easily. There is a fresh, faint, pleasant scent that I can’t put my finger on, and it gives the same masque-like feeling as the day cream, and dries super quick.

After using both products for a week, I closely inspected my pampered skin. I noticed that the blocked pores on my chin had gotten more profound. I got out my gentle exfolating face cream and to my surprise my blocked pores came away easily and my skin was clearer and more smooth than it had been in a long time! The Advanced Caviar products had softened my pores like magic and allowed my exfoliator to actually do it’s job.

Overall, I would say that the Advanced Caviar day and night creams are truly luxurious and actually do what they claim to. Using the range, I feel that my damaged skin is being repaired and protected from the environment. I’d absolutely recommend these brilliant products for those who have have dry or combination skin, and for those that live in urban areas where pollution can have an effect on the skin.

Advanced Caviar Facial Serum

Tested by Pippa.

I’ve never really used a face serum before, but after trying Skin Chemists London Advanced Caviar Facial Serum, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m now an official face serum convert. But if like me, you weren’t really sure what facial serums actually do, then let me explain briefly…

Serum is a product that’s best applied to your skin just after you’ve finished cleansing and before applying your usual moisturiser.  Serums are made from smaller molecules than moisturisers, which allow them to penetrate into your skin deeply and deliver active ingredients directly to the skin.

This particularly product contains an extract of Caviar, a highly nutritious marine complex which protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays and environmental stresses.  The seaweed extract present is ideal for hydrating the skin and for its anti-oxidising properties, whilst the Aloe Vera element aims to stimulate the skin’s healing process, in addition to soothing and regenerating.

Serum is perfect for anyone with dry skin, for those looking to feel more confident and younger and those who are concerned about damaged skin. It’s also great if you’re someone who lives in an urban area or city environment.


For me, I’ve tried this facial serum to help with my dry skin and boy does it work a treat! To use, simply squirt a pea sized amount into your hands and apply to your skin in circular motions, paying particular attention to any specific areas of dryness. I find that I get super dry patches just behind my nose piercing and near my nostrils.

After the first few applications, I’m already feeling that my skin appears more hydrated then normal and certainly feels a lot smoother – I can’t wait to see the results after trying this for a couple of months!

It also smells magnificent and simply oozes luxury –  I especially love the bold, sophisticated packaging! Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to try a new facial serum which focuses on rehydrating tired and dry skin.

And now for a little treat…

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Evie Garnett

Evie is the Head of Beauty for Suit Your Look, specialising in hair and skin products. She loves nothing better than natural haircare and learning all about the science behind beauty ingredients!

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