The 5 best high-end Shampoo and Conditioner ranges for taming frizzy hair

Over the years I have spent a lot of time (and precious £) trying to find the perfect products for my wavy, untameable, frizzy hair. I have tried everything from the old egg-mix home remedy to geranium-infused conditioning mists, and even found that in-house treatments applied by my hairdresser didn’t give me the sleek do I craved. So I set myself a mission to try all the best high-end products, and am pleased to present my top 5 to fix out-of-control locks of fuzz:

1. Kerastase Discipline

Kerastase Discipline

A firm favourite, Kerastase really helps to pull down those flyaways and certainly disciples my hair! Remember to leave this conditioner in for a good 5 minutes before washing out – it really makes a difference.

Cheapest online price for Kerastase Discipline Shampoo: £13.29 from Treat Your Skin
Cheapest online price for Kerastase Discipline Conditioner: £14.49 from Treat Your Skin

2. Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme


The Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme range is created for those with tight curls and afro-caribbean locks, but works perfectly for my wavy, frizzy hair. Other than manageable locks, you’ll notice after using this range that your hair is irresistibly silky soft!

Cheapest online price for Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme is a Shampoo and Conditioner Duo: £27.50 from QVC

3. Redken Frizz Dismiss


The Redken Frizz Dismiss range will definitely satisfy your hair goals. The conditioner is comparable to a very thick body butter, and you’ll really feel like you’ve given your hair a feast. Tip: Make sure to rinse the shampoo thoroughly to ensure the product doesn’t irritate your scalp.

Cheapest online price for Redken Frizz Dismiss is a Shampoo and Conditioner Duo: £24.49 from Gorgeous Shop

4. Sebastian Professional Hydre


A rich and creamy formula for tired and frizzy hair. I’d recommend this collection if you are looking to stay away from ‘heavy’ hair products. The more you use Hydre, the more it seems to work. I especially like to use this conditioner as an over-night treatment when my locks need some serious TLC.

Cheapest online price for Sebastian Professional Hydre Shampoo: £11.10 from Look Fantastic
Cheapest online price for Sebastian Professional Hydre Conditioner: £13.35 from Gorgeous Shop

5. Pureology Smooth Perfection


Holiday hair reminiscent of Monica in Barbados? Smooth Perfection is your saviour! I always take this range on holiday with me as it’s especially effective in humid conditions, and it stops my colour from fading or bronzing.

Cheapest online price for Pureology Smooth Perfection is a Shampoo and Conditioner Duo: £27.72 from Gorgeous Shop

There you have it! Give these ranges a try if you’re sick of unruly hair, and let us know how you get on!

Please note: Prices accurate at time of post publication.

Evie Garnett

Evie is the Head of Beauty for Suit Your Look, specialising in hair and skin products. She loves nothing better than natural haircare and learning all about the science behind beauty ingredients!

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