The Face 4ward Men’s Skincare Bundle Review

One of the biggest skincare mistakes people make is to start focusing on their skincare routine once damage has already been done, while men are certainly the worst culprits, with some never trying out any form of skincare at all.

I’m glad this is changing over time, while the Face 4ward skincare range by Shakeup Cosmetics is certainly worth a consideration if you’re looking to fight off any fine lines or wrinkles.

What Do You Get In The Bundle?

The bundle includes four items, being the multi-action daily face wash, the clarifying toner, the pro-youth serum and the matte-effect gel moisturiser.

What Order Do I Use Them?

The first step is always to cleanse the face, in order to remove any impurities or excess dirt from the skin.

You will simply need to rinse your face, then apply the face wash and massage into the skin, before rinsing off.

Following this, you should drop a small amount of toner either into your hands or on cottonwool and then dab onto the face.

The next step is the application of serum, which always goes before moisturiser. Moisturiser locks in everything, so you need to get all of your beauty items before this stage. The only possible step that can come after moisturiser is sun tan lotion.

Why Use The Face Wash?


You should wash your face each day, in order to remove any dirt, excess sebum or impurities that might be on the skin.

The addition of a face wash treatment will add specific ingredients which are formulated to yield the best results.

This face wash contains alpha hydroxy acid, which is an amazing skincare ingredient as it will help to exfoliate the skin, which will in turn promote collagen and blood follow.

The multi-action daily face was also includes willow bark extract, which is another ingredient that can exfoliate the skin and help to reduce excess sebum and fight the signs of ageing.

Why Use The Toner?

While you should have removed a fair portion of the impurities and dirt from the skin during the cleansing stage, a toner is an additional step to help remove any last traces in your pores.

Toners are also great at minimising the appearance of pores (you can’t actually shrink them, but you can make them seem smaller), meaning your skin will look silky smooth.

A toner may also include certain ingredients which can protect the skin against the weather.

This toner contains glycolic acid, a form of AHA, which comes from the sugar cane. Glycolic acid can help to fade hyperpigmentation, reduce those wrinkles and fine lines, as well as exfoliate dead skin cells.

Why Use Serum?

If I had to give up the entire beauty regime and keep one step, it would be the serum. Serums are often packed full of antioxidants, which can fight off free radicals, while they also tackle a number of skin problems at the root.

A serum can help to brighten up your skin, adding radiance to your appearance. It can also plump up your skin, which might sound like a negative when you read it, but this reduces wrinkles, which is why you might want a serum that contains an ingredient like hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C.

The Face 4ward Pro-Youth Serum contains tiger grass, which can help to heal wounds, it has anti-inflammatory properties and it can improve skin dullness, while it’s packed full of antioxidants.

This serum also contains squalene, which will hydrate the skin, while it works as a lightweight alternative to hyaluronic acid, keeping moisture locked in at a cellular level.

Why Use The Matte-Effect Gel Moisturiser?

The final step in the process, this is the part where you lock in the moisture to reduce the chances of skin problems and to help maintain a healthy skin balance.

Moisturiser will even out your skin tone and plump up the skin to fight wrinkles.

The Face 4ward moisturiser contains hyaluronic acid, which I’ve already discussed as an amazing skincare ingredient, while they also have a Matmarine biotech ingredient included which will regulate the levels of oil on the skin.

The addition of shea butter adds a nice scent and makes this nice to rub in and moisturises the skin incredibly well.

Where Can I Buy This From?

You can order the bundle from their website for £72, which is £12 cheaper than buying them individually.

If you give this a go, let me know what you think!

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