Three Beautiful Organic Skincare Products That You’ll Love!

More and more people are choosing to opt for organic skincare products these days, but why? Most mainstream beauty products are filled with synthetic chemicals that get absorbed into our bodies through the skin and into the bloodstream, which have the potential to cause allergic skin reactions and disrupt our body’s functions due to their toxic element.

In addition, the chemical components of most products do not break down naturally and instead, build up in our ecosystems which harm our environment. Organic products are created from plants that yield the purest oils and extracts, whilst boasting a higher level of essential antioxidant vitamins when compared against non-organic products.

You’re also helping the environment by using organic products, as the farming style used is far better for wildlife – there is lower pollution from sprays, less toxic wastes and decreases the production of Carbon Dioxide.

This week, the Suit Your Look team have tried and tested three gorgeous products from the good people at Toulou Organics – a skincare company who care and source certified organic and natural ingredients from around the globe.  And what can we say? We absolutely love these products and feel like we’re helping our bodies and the environment both at the same time! We know you’ll love them too, so check out our three favourite products below!

Nourishing Vanilla Pod, Aloe Vera and Baobab Body Cream, 60g £16.00

Body cream

If you’re looking for a travel sized body crème to accompany you on your next trip, then look no further than this beautiful product that’s suitable for normal to dry skin. Combining a mix of organic oils and a top note of vanilla, you’ll be treated to a truly sumptuous aroma that instantly creates a feeling of calm and serenity. Having won a Free From Skincare Award, you know that you’ll be in good hands with this body cream that contains vitamins A, D, E and F and Omegas 3, 6 and 9, which are vital nutrients which will enable you to enjoy soft and supple skin, that’s hydrated and nourished.

Milk Spice Soap 110g, £4.50


This creamy bar of milk spice soap smells incredible and makes the ideal gift for a friend or a loved one as it’s suitable for all skin types. Once you unwrap it, take a moment to breathe in the lovely scents of sweet orange, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, nutmeg and cardamom essential oils for a gorgeous spicy fragrance. It’s moisturising and nourishing and is great for use all over the body. Alternatively, you could simply use it as a luxurious treat to wash your hands with. Just make sure not to leave this product in water as it will dissolve!

‘Refreshing’ Jojoba, Papaya & Niaouli Face Creme for combination skin

Face cream

A lot of products claim they are suitable for combination skin but I find that they usually help either the dry areas or the greasy areas – not both. The Jojoba, Papaya & Niaouli Face Creme however controls my shine whilst also nourishing dry patches beautifully.

It is packed with heaps of organic oils from nourishing plants and seeds such as aloe vera, jojoba, apricot, hazelnut, papaya, melon, geranium and niaouli. The creme effectively softens greasy blocked pores and balances sebum production to control shine. The cream also removes dead skin cells effectively (goodbye flakes) and ads moisture to dry skin. With it’s gorgeous spa-like scent and effective balancing ingredients, the Jojoba, Papaya & Niaouli Face Creme is truly a great product for combination skin.

Pippa Masson

Pippa is head of content at Suit Your Look and specialises in fashion and beauty.

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