7 Tips On How To Deal With Thigh Chafing After Training


I come out of a leg session feeling proud, albeit a little bit wobbly, however it isn’t until I get two minutes down the road do I realise my legs rubbing together like nobody’s business! After training legs, the muscles are pumped up and this can cause them to chafe as they rub against each other. There are however a few tips you can take away, in order to reduce the pain and irritation.

1) Reduce The Sweat

One of the main reasons for chafing relates to the build-up of sweat in this area. Pack some baby powder or talcum powder and apply after a workout, or once you’re out of the shower.

2) Consider Your Clothing

This is one of, if not THE best tip. I didn’t realise the effect was a million times worse when wearing loose shorts. If your legs are bare, they will rub together more.  However you could go a step further and opt for clothing with a ‘moisture wicking fabric‘. You should also try to avoid cotton, as this absorbs sweat, referring back to the first point.

3) Hydration

You’re exercising, meaning sweat is an inevitability, however you can go some way to reducing the salt concentration of your sweat by drinking plenty of water throughout. The salt is what makes the sweat so…Sandpapery…If that’s a word.

4) Wash Straight After Training

When you chafe, you damage the skin, meaning it is incredibly important to keep this area clean. Straight after training, it is best to have a quick wash to prevent bacteria entering the exposed skin, which can cause folliculitis. Also, don’t go superhot in the shower if the skin is damaged, opt for a luke warm temperature.

5) Boxer Briefs

This one is for both men and women, seriously anyone training legs should consider boxers, as they massively help to prevent chafing. Besides, some decent boxers are a lot cheaper than constantly buying lotions to help soothe the pain.

6) Apply SOMETHING Afterwards

There are so many options afterwards, it can be hard to explain the best one. You could opt for an aloe vera gel, containing fatty acids and with ‘protective factors’. Some people swear by vaseline as a great moisturising jelly which will bring moisture back to the skin. Others say desitin is another great option (yep, I mean the baby nappy rash cream, but hey, these are made to deal with the worst complainers so they must work).

7) Use BodyGlide Beforehand

Originally created for professional athletes who heavily struggle with chafing, this is now a common item sold in Boots, which can answer all your problems…Well, the problems surrounding your painful thighs. It’s also an ‘invisible balm’, meaning it shouldn’t leave a mark on your clothes. A small application just before you workout should help to reduce any friction caused throughout your training, while you could also apply some on your journey home, when the muscle is tense.


All of these tips can be applied for other body parts. I merely highlighted the thighs as this is something that personally affects myself, however the tips could work for other areas. This guide is also applicable to both men and women, chafing doesn’t discriminate! I hope this helps you all! Do let me know any tips you have in the comments section, or email them over to us.

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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