Nature’s Bounty Maximum Strength Zinc Review


With so many bugs floating around currently, I couldn’t think of anything better to review than something to boost my immune system! This is the second product by Nature’s Bounty I’m reviewing, following on from the Beautiful Skin Gummies.

Why Do I Need A Zinc Supplement?

Zinc is pivotal for your immune system, keeping you healthy and blocking those bugs from leaving you sick in bed.

Zinc is also important for cell membrane repair, as well as cell growth. It helps repair wounds to the skin. It also has a role in the general maintenance of healthy skin, while it can also help increase protein synthesis.

To be honest, the list of health benefits to zinc is incredible. You may be getting enough from your diet, but there are a number of people that require a higher amount, me included. I was stung by a stingray, getting a hole straight through my foot. On the back of this, doctors have told me numerous times to keep my zinc levels high to fight off any potential damage to my immune system.

How Much Zinc Do You Need In A Day?

The NHS states that you should get 7mg per day if you’re a woman and 9.5mg per day if you’re a man. This is based on an age between 18-64, as children or the elderly have different numbers, but I’m basing this review on this age group, so do some more research if this doesn’t match with you.

A serving size is one tablet, which will provide you with 25mg of zinc! No wonder it’s called ‘maximum strength’!

In general, around 20-40% of zinc is absorbed from food. This is zinc gluconate, which is the most common you will find in zinc based products, which has a pretty similar absorption rate, so by getting 25mg in each tablet, it covers for the parts your body fails to absorb, meaning you still manage to get close to your daily requirement, with any extra coming from your diet.

How Can I Get Zinc From Food Sources?

You can get plenty of zinc naturally from your diet, albeit many people don’t get enough. Red meat is incredibly rich in zinc, especially beef, however if you’re a vegetarian this doesn’t help, while this also isn’t great for your waistline.

If you’re on a vegetarian or vegan diet then you might want to keep your levels of chickpeas, lentils and beans high, as they will help you reach your daily requirement.

Seeds and nuts are also a great source, as are dairy products like cheese and milk, as well as eggs.

How Many Do You Get In A Pack?

In a pack of Nature’s Bounty Maximum Strength Zinc, you get 100 coated caplets. Based on a single serving daily consumption, this will last just over 3 months.

The caplet is coated to make it easier to swallow, but I’m useless at swallowing so I chewed it up.

Are These Suitable For A Vegan Diet?

Yes they are, these tablets don’t contain any animal sources.

Where Can I Buy This From?

You can buy a pack of Nature’s Bounty zinc tablets from their website or via Amazon.

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