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It might have taken its time, but summer is well and truly here in the UK! As we look out of our office at the Brighton beach, we contemplate ‘how cold is the sea really?’.  With holidays coming up fast, we’ve been looking at some of the great beachware and accessories produced by CV22 Rugby, a luxurious British brand that creates everything from men’s polo shirts to Scrumbella’s (I love the pun). So read on for our review of this brilliant rugby inspired brand, providing plenty of great gifts for the fella in your life.


Extra Large, Super Absorbent Cotton Beach Towel, Review By Pippa

The good people at CV22 Rugby really aren’t messing about when they say that this towel is extra-large – it’s possibly the largest towel I’ve ever owned, measuring in at 100cm X 150cm and is exactly what I’ve been looking for! This extra-large, super absorbent cotton towel is made from 100% yarn and is absolutely perfect for summer holidays, spa trips, the beach, or even just sitting on in a park on a lovely sunny day!


I opted for this gorgeous bright pink shade which is accompanied by a bold and eye-catching multi-coloured border which really does scream holiday vibes. This product is especially good for throwing over a sun-lounger whilst on holiday – the majority of my other beach towels don’t always cover a standard sun lounger and there’s always the annoying part at the bottom which isn’t covered, and your feet normally end up feeling pretty hot from where the sun’s warmed up the sun lounger! With this product, you really don’t have to worry about that as the towel is so large!

What’s great about this product is that it’s super absorbent, so once you’ve climbed out of that pool dripping wet, it lovely to wrap around you and doesn’t feel damp and uncomfortable once it’s absorbed the water from your body.


CV22 Rugby also offer this fantastic item in a range of other colours including black, navy, teal and yellow, so there’s something to suit everyone! I decided upon the colour pink as I thought that it would be especially useful to spot whilst on holiday in case I forgot where I was sitting (it’s also super cheerful!). All in all, I’d definitely recommend this fab extra-large towel – it’s beautifully snug, stylish and extremely versatile for a range of occasions.

Signature Flip Flops, Review By Tom

Being based in Brighton, we spend a bit too much time in flip flops, so these were an absolute winner! CV22 have some brilliant designs on their footwear, with these really standing out for quality and style.
I went for the grey beach wear, with red and white platforms. The different colours highlight the triple layer of EVA and natural rubber, meaning you won’t feel something prod through or you won’t find these breaking any time soon. Seriously, these are durable!

Also, something incredibly important to me, you don’t feel the plug digging into your feet between the big toe and the one that slides onto the other side of the connector. This is an issue I have found with many other flip flops, but CV22 have got it spot on.
A heads up on the sizing guide in case you decide to make a quick purchase, Junior equals 5-6, small equals 7-8, medium equals 9-10 and a large is 11-12.


Off To Budapest

These will come into immediate usage, as I will be heading off to Budapest in a couple of weeks, while the weather is predicted to be somewhere north of 25 degrees, so I will be trying my best to soak up the sun and will be living in shorts and a vest!
I will make sure to grab a photo of the flip flop burn mark I’m definitely going to come back with, a sign of a good holiday!

Pippa Masson

Pippa is head of content at Suit Your Look and specialises in fashion and beauty.

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