Early Spring Fashion – The Will Mellor Collection

It has been a bitterly cold winter this year, so I’ve predominantly worn the thick winter jacket through December and January, however with the temperatures finally lifting up a bit, it means the options are more open on what to wear each day.

Whether taking a hike up a hill in the South Downs, heading into the office or meeting friends for a few drinks, Cotton Traders have a number of brilliant options that will work perfectly.

Equally important, the materials are all incredibly high quality and sturdy, so they will stand the test of time and you won’t need to replace them any time soon.

Will Mellor (who will forever be Gaz from ‘2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’ to me) has a range for ‘essential spring styling’.

Cotton Half Zip Jumper

half zip jumperThis spectacular dove grey jumper is an ideal option to wear inside and out, with the half length zip allowing you to have it up or down depending on your temperature levels.

The half zip jumpers are a highly versatile option, made from 100% cotton, creating that smarter appearance than a hoodie when you want to stay warm.

Initially, half zip necks were created for fleece sportswear, so you could unzip when you got warm, which is ideal as I’ve been going on a lot more country walks and hikes, therefore I do find myself getting hotter when heading up a hill.

This will work perfectly over a t-shirt or a shirt, while you can order this from Cotton Traders for £28.

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Long Sleeve Textured Polo Shirt

I love the textured midnight pattern of this top, which jumped off the page and fascinated me straight away.

This long sleeve top is also available in a dark pine colour, but the blue was a clear winner for me, with shades of white and grey mixed in. The material feels thick and will keep you warm, ideal as it’s not quite hot enough yet for a short sleeve t-shirt.

Despite the thick material, it feels breathable and very soft to the touch. The two buttons at the top allow you to choose between done up or down, ideal to blend ‘night out’ versus ‘in the office’.

Normally priced at £30, this is currently £27 and is most definitely worth it!

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Ultra-Soft Crew Neck Jumper

The winter-berry colour is beautiful, a colour I don’t have too much of but will certainly be expanding my wardrobe with as it looks brilliant. The alternative toffee colour is equally as stunning, so take a look at both before making an order.

The purple colours make me think of autumn and winter, but the reality is that this jumper will look good all year round with such an eye-catching colour palette.

Brilliant for wearing out, it’s also a welcome addition for in the house as the temperature drops off in the evening and I want something really cosy to wear.

But how soft and stretchy the material is has to be one of the biggest appeals, being a deluxe 2×2 double rib knit throughout the whole jumper.

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Cotton Cargo Jacket

This robust cargo jacket has four pockets along the front, while it has both a zip and buttons along the middle.

I’m wearing the Dark Pine coloured jacket, but you can also go for the lighter Fawn coloured option. This jacket also comes in a wider size range, going up to 4XL. I do really like the covering for the zip which conceals it and makes it appear more stylish.

The buttons are on firmly, but just in case of an emergency, you’ll find a spare button inside, while they have a beautiful blend of three tones.

The ideal jacket for spring, when it’s time to put away the thick winter jacket, but not quite warm enough to be out in just a top.

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Short Sleeve Crew Neck Base Layer Top

I love a white t-shirt, they always look so effortlessly stylish. The white creates a blank canvas for you to work with, while it also works for any occasion.

Not to mention the obvious other benefits, the fact white tends to make your waist look slimmer. This versatile option will make you feel great about yourself, while the Cotton Traders crew neck base layer top is also available in navy blue and black if you’d prefer a darker option.

With sizes spanning from XS to 4XL, your size is definitely covered, while they also have a size guide on the website in case you’re not sure which one to go for.

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Flannel Check Shirt

I’ve always been a massive fan of flannel shirts, they’re a classic style that blends smart and casual together, with beautiful textures and patterns.

They blend multiple colours, while they work whether you want to wear some jeans or chinos. The Dark Smoke colour you see in the picture is one of 6 colour options they have, all of which are equally as appealing, so I’d strongly recommend having a look through them all.

Available in a medium and a large, this shirt is available at a great price currently, while it fits like a glove, arguably my favourite of the collection. Made from 100% cotton, the shirt feels soft and cosy.

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Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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