MenRock – The Ultimate Groom’s Gift For Beardies

My good friend Sam Canlett is getting married soon and I’ve inevitably turned my attention towards potential gift ideas for the groom. An accountant, he is one of those guys who are incredibly hard to buy for, as he has almost everything he could ever want. He does however love luxury and after some research (asking his girlfriend and strolling around his bathroom) I think we have hit gold.

Enter MenRock, the London based beard grooming & shaving designers. Their products are absolutely perfect, as they are something he would certainly appreciate, yet also offer the extreme in luxury. Sophisticated and manly in equal measure, we have opted for the Beard Balm Trio and the Double Edged Razor Starter Kit.

Beard Balm Trio


Inside the beard balm trio pack were three stylish looking bottles, divided in 3 different colours – green, blue and golden brown (texture like sun…).

The green bottle is the Beard Charmer, a Sicilian lime and caffeine awakening beard balm moisturiser. I applied this just before trimming the beard and it seemed to do exactly what it said on the tin, I didn’t suffer from any skin irritation or itchiness. It also had a great smell which was a nice surprise.

Considering I can no longer call my facial hair ‘stubble’, it does require a wee bit of taming. If you find yourself in a similar position then you might want to try the Oak Moss soothing beard balm, also nicknamed the Itch Smoother.

The most obvious difference was how soft my facial hair felt afterwards, preventing that wiry feel I sometimes get. The bottle is packed full of top quality ingredients, such as sunflower oil and vegetable glycerine, helping it to replenish your skin.

The final bottle of the pack is the blue Beard Tamer 1714 AD. This is the final application once you have applied all the finishing touches. What does the 1714 AD stand for? It’s a bergamot and cedar scent that smells top notch! Towel dry your beard a bit before you apply to your face.

This is the perfect giftpack for someone like myself, a beardy fella who doesn’t believe in the baby face.


The Double Edged Razor Starter Pack

menrock double edged razor

Outside of our Fashion Blogging lives, we also work for TheStagCompany, a Brighton based stag-do company. I have therefore researched and tried almost everything groom related and this next one is a great gift for the best men or for the groom himself.

This pack transforms your usual shaving routine from the boring Sunday ritual you force upon yourself to a 50’s style Barbers with all the trimmings. The double edged razor requires more skill than the modern shaver, however you will look slick as hell! Seriously, play some Frank Sinatra while you’re at work.


It’s almost intimidating at first look, but then it’s time to man up and embrace the metal. This pack comes with a shaving brush, another touch that offers the feeling of a professional shave. I don’t know the facts behind why people would use a brush such as this, however I do know it felt cool as hell. Seriously, I was getting ready to head out and having a quick shave beforehand. I had to quickly swap my beer for a whiskey on the rocks…It just felt right.

The final item in the pack is a sandalwood shaving cream (100 grams). The smell really does replicate what you get in a decent barbers. I have never known what that smell was, but the moment you walk into a good barbers it hits your nostrils. It’s a soothing and almost nostalgic scent, while the cream also applies a softening and moisturising effect, helping to protect against skin irritation.



Tom Bourlet

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