Men’s Hair Product Of The Year 2016: Fudge Matte Hed

The SuitYourLook team ran a survey out to 200 of our male readers, asking them to vote on the best men’s hair product. The results are in and, you guessed it, Fudge came out on top!

A personal favourite of mine, the Fudge Matte Hed has an incredibly stable and durable hold on your hair, without appearing greasy. It also only requires a pea sized amount to work your hair, something most competitors failed to live up to.

The Survey

So who did Fudge come up against? The list contained American Crew, Studio Line Invisi Hold, Lavera Strong gel, Kiehl’s cream wax, Toni & Guy’s styling fibre and Paul Mitchell’s firm style dry wax.
Behind Fudge, Paul Mitchell’s hair product took second place, with our readers commenting that it required a very small amount and never left a wet look, leaving an ‘effortlessly attractive’ appearance.


Show Me The Details

Served in a 75ml tube (under 100ml, making it perfect for travelling), Fudge Matte Hed comes in a paste form and leaves your hair firm for around 9-12 hours (from personal experience). This is a hell of a lot longer than my average, cheaper gel, which normally leaves my hair wilting at around the 5 hour mark.

Users Tips

Do not apply to wet hair! It is the greatest hair gel I have ever used when applied to dry hair, but its firm holding texture seems to disappear if their is moisture in your hair.


Reader Comments

It costs a fair amount, so I only use it for special occasions, but you know you’re buying quality! It’s my go-to for a big night out, as you know you will still have good hair by 3am. No1!!

What Type Of Price Are We Talking?

It depends where you buy it from, but expect prices between £9.65 and £12.95. Generally it is cheaper online than in-store, while a number of salons sell it at £13. It’s also available on the Fudge site for only £9.71.

Men’s Hair Tips

  • Matte products such as the one we have been discussing help to make hair look thicker, perfect if you are starting to thin on your hat holder.
  • If your hair is also starting to drop out, try to pat your head try rather than vigorously rubbing with a towel. This can prevent the hairs falling out, as they are more fragile when wet.
  • This might not appeal to everyone, but try not to wash your hair too often. Unlike females, guys tend to wash their hair on a daily basis, some doing morning and night, however this constant attention can actually more harm than expected. This can also make the hair more dry (ironic).

So what are your favourite hair products? Let us know in the comments below.


Tom Bourlet

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