Ones Cantlow Trainers Review

I was delighted to receive the Ones Cantlow trainers and below is my honest review of my experience trying them out. I wasn’t paid to review these, every comment is my genuine opinion.

The brand were the winners of the Rising Star awards this year at the Start-Up Awards National Series, quite an accomplishment considering the difficulties with the economy and Covid over the past couple of years.

The owners Simon and Anjna also have a truly heart-warming story on their about-us page, of the daughter Mia Pyari going through acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at just seven months old. It’s a sad story but it’s also the inspiration to start up the shoe brand.

The Comfort

One thing that really stands out about these trainers is really how comfy they are. They have a memory foam cloud insole, which offers support for your feet and plenty of comfort.

If you plan on going on a lot of walks, whether for fitness or generally in life, then this is a great improvement on the hard base shoes I used to wear for work. It almost felt like you were walking on a pillow.

They also have a soft sock-liner, to ensure the comfort isn’t just on the base, but is all around your feet. These cover the insole of the shoes, while I’ve had a few in the past that dug in or were relatively thin, but these thick cushiony ones are ideal for me.

I love going on long country walks nowadays, so these are the perfect tool to protect me against blisters and achy feet.


What Sizes Do They Offer?

These shoes are available from size 4 to 12, in complete sizes (meaning no halves, e.g. 9.5). For our European friends reading this, that means size 37-46.

I went for a size ten, as I always feel you want slightly bigger with trainers than you do with smart shoes, I’m a 9.5, so I always have to work out whether a 9 or 10 would be best, but these fit perfectly.


I’m so used to seeing a men’s or women’s section on a shoe or clothing website, that I initially felt lost, but it quickly became clear these were unisex trainers.

Considering the appearance and design, it makes complete sense, equally me or my girlfriend would be comfy and love wearing these. Of course, her feet are half the size of mine, so I get to keep these all for myself, but she loved the design of them when they arrived.

Sports Mesh

You might have noticed the distinctive mesh appearance of the Cantlow trainers (the Broughton and Cooksley are different), which is commonplace with sports based footwear.

This material is known to be ‘breathable’, allowing proper air ventilation for your feet, meaning you can purely focus on the activity you’re taking part in, whether that’s going for a run, going on a country walk or simply heading into town.

Breathable mesh shoes are also a popular sportswear option as they’re incredibly lightweight. You don’t want some heavy shoes weighing you down during your stroll.

What Colours Do They Come In?

You have three options available to you. You can order the white ones, which I have and you can see in the picture above.

You can also order them completely in black, or the third option is to get them with a white base and then a black top section.

White trainers are always a risk, in case they become dirty quickly, but I really love white trainers, I just have to avoid big puddles!

How Much Do They Cost?

You can order them from their website for £64.99, while shipping is free within the UK. You can pay through your bank card, or they also accept ShopPay, PayPal and Google Pay.

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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