The Shaved Gent Box, By Gentlemen’s Order

My beard came through much earlier than all my friends, with a full bush growing on the chin by the age of 15. I very quickly had to learn about moisturiser and different styling and soothing crème’s. The irritation is back 13 years ago, these didn’t exist in the male section of Boots. I had to wander around hopelessly through the women’s section and awkwardly ask a member of staff for advice.

Kids nowadays don’t know how lucky they have it, as so many great brands are being introduced to the men’s grooming industry. Today I want to discuss the latest brand to peak my interest: Gentlemen’s Order.

What Did I Get?

As the pics will illustrate, we’re looking at the Shaved Gent Box, which includes four shaving crème’s and a shaver with 6 blades. So lets dig in a bit deeper shall we?


The Razor

We recently had a discussion in our office around the advancement of male razors compared to females. The women in the office were stating how they had given up on their single blade, leg-cutting razors and traded them in for the three blades that men often used.

I then informed them that 3 blades are the old, cheaper ones, whereas a lot of men’s razors often contained 4-5 separate blades for a much closer shave. Needless to say, they have thrown out their old rubbish and upgraded.

Well this rings true with the German engineered shavers you get in this pack, at an inverted angle for a sharper finish. On top of this, there is an aloe vera strip in order to protect the skin and prevent irritation.

Pre Shave Face Scrub

The first lotion you would apply to the face, this is the perfect tool for preventing ingrown hairs. If you tend to cut your skin when shaving, then this will also help, with antibacterial and tonic properties, such as lemon tea tree oil.

Shave Gel Oil

The pre shave face scrub can be applied each day through the week, whereas this prep oil is ideal just as you’re about to shave. It protects the skin from the damage caused by the razor blade, as well as helping to soften the root hair, in order to easily remove them from the skin. This is useful for people like myself, that grow thick beards pretty quickly, as they can get pretty tough.

Shave Crème

With shaving brush in hand, I lathered this one onto my face and was surprised to find it had a rather nice scent. That might be the lemon tea tree oil again, whatever it is, I love that smell!

The crème works perfectly at lubricating the skin, so the hair came clean off without any cuts or without having to repeatedly shave over a certain area. It also creates a much more manageable amount of moisture, unlike some of the foams, where I can’t see my face anymore once I’ve applied it.

Aftershave Cooling Gel

The only area I ever get any reaction is sometimes on my neck, if it has been a while since my last shave. While I’m one of the lucky ones that normally gets away with it, approximately 65% of males do suffer from shaving rashes, all to varying degrees. The aftershave cooling gel helps to tackle this dilemma.

It also left a cool feeling on my neck for a good 40 minutes after my shave, which felt quite nice.



I personally reckon these are a must for a male around Christmas, as they come already packed and in gift boxes, taking away a lot of the hassle for you.

Size Of Lotions

This might sound like a minor factor, but I often have to travel, therefore having these in tubes of 100ml means I can take them onto the plane without issues, a big factor for me. It will be interesting to see if they come out with larger packs in the future, for home supplies.

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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