Hugh Parsons Traditional Fragrance For Men Review

Continuing my assessment of the best fragrances in the UK for men, I’m now taking a closer look at the traditional Eau de Parfum by Hugh Parsons.

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What Is The Scent?

There are a few you will probably catch on to, but the first and most notable for myself was the mandarin orange scent that I picked up on. That is one of my favourite smells in cosmetic products, something I have opted for with shower gels and body serums, so this was certainly a positive for me.

Behind the initial orange aroma, you start to smell a slightly more woody smell. I wouldn’t describe it as musky, more fresh with floral undertones, but certainly a masculine scent.

But another scent in the mix, one that I noticed more as the scent settled, was the angelica, which created a slightly peppery edge to it.

Who Are Hugh Parsons?

Mr. Hugh Edward Lancelot Parsons, to give him his full name, was a soldier in the British army, however upon finishing his military service, he returned to London, where he launched the namesake brand that largely sold silk

Launched in 1925, hence the labelling of the date, the business was setup in Regent Street, a central part of London known for luxurious and stylish businesses.

But over time, the company diversified into a new area, entering the men’s perfume industry, all served in their classic iconic bottles.

How Does It Come Packaged?

The outside packaging is probably what makes this so noticeable, in a relatively large brown cylinder box, which had the appearance of leather.

The actual bottle itself almost reminded me of a hip flask, partly in the topping appearance and in the curved shape of the bottle.

When Was It Made?

The traditional Hugh Parsons fragrance was launched in 1998, so it is certainly not a young buck in the industry.

But despite its long standing in the perfume industry, I would describe the scent as relatively modern.

They’ve since launched a number of other fragrances, including Whitehall, King’s Road, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Hyde Park, Bond Street and Notting Hill. As you can see, they’re all named after central parts of London.

Random fact for you, just off Oxford Street you will find Bourlet close, which was named after my ancestry, back when they had money, before giving it all away to a mistress. I could have been some posh lord, but oh well.

How Long Did The Scent Last?

I found it stayed present for around 8 hours, obviously most notable in the first couple of hours, but the longevity impressed me, as it’s something that simply isn’t offered if you go for a cheaper Eau de Toilette.

That’s one of the benefits of going for an Eau de Parfum over an Eau de Toilette, as the concentration of perfume oil is greater (normally around 15%), meaning it is stronger and will last longer.

Where Can You Order It From?

You can order it directly from the brand’s website for €95, while it can also be found on Fragrantica, Parfumdreams and Fortnumandmason, all with slightly varying prices.

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