Christmas Gift Guide 2022


While we might be enjoying a surprisingly mild November, we can’t hide from the fact that Christmas is almost upon us.

The Christmas adverts are starting, aiming to create tear jerkers, while the coffee chains are introducing their festive menus. The pubs are stocking mulled wine and the supermarkets are starting to push for people to order their Christmas shopping in advance. 

But have you started your Christmas shopping? Whether it’s for your partner, a family member or a close friend, I will do my best to highlight some unique and brilliant gift ideas to suit that special person.

Tech & Gadgets

I’ve always been a bit of a techie, largely thanks to my dad who is fascinated with anything around technology or science.

While generally more expensive, tech gifts are fast becoming the number one items to give your loved ones, so if you’re working to a higher budget then this will make them overwhelmingly happy, but I will also include some lower cost items for all budgets.

CIGA Design X Series Watch


Perfect for everyday wear, the CIGA Design X Series has reimagined the aesthetics of hollow-design. Integrating a patented automated mechanism embedded into a unique X-shaped skeleton, the X Series displays a self-winding movement that recharges automatically as you wear it.

Equipped with a four-corner suspension system that takes stability to the next level, the Gorilla Series X is aesthetically pleasing but also well suited to the day ahead.


A mix of style and innovative design, the CIGA Design X Series is a time piece that will last for years to come. This is an unbelievable gift, priced at £319, for someone looking for something a little stylish this year.

Edifier D12 Speakers


The Edifier D12 Speaker System delivers outstanding sound at a great price. Featuring 2x 4-inch woofers for optimum bass response and naturally fine-tuned sound produced from 2x 19mm silk dome tweeter, this compact speaker outperforms many other speakers in its class and price range.

Although it is an integrated speaker, the D12 is designed with two independent cavities to avoid phase interference between the left and right channels, giving a sound that is more exact.
If you want crystal clear audio that catches every tiny nuance in your music, then the D12 is well worth hearing. A total of 70 watts (RMS) of distortion-free power output makes sure you get crystal clear and uncompromising sound everywhere in the room.
The D12 has versatile connectivity options. There are Bluetooth 5.0, RCA, AUX inputs available with a Line-out port for an extra subwoofer or active speakers to be connected to multiple audio devices at the same time.
With a quality wooden enclosure that reduces acoustic resonance, the D12 compliments any room’s décor.

Orico UFS Flash Drive


While blogging on Spaghetti Traveller, I will find myself working on images, then needing to send them over to Raquel’s laptop so she can upload them. The issue is they’re too big to email and if I send online, it can take hours. But one tool which still offers the ultimate solution is the trusty USB flash disk.

The Orico Flash Drive is strong and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it getting bent or damaged in your pocket or your bag. It’s ultra-fast, so you can very quickly transfer files, which is a massive plus!

It also has an advanced chip, to keep the temperature stabilised and prevent it from over-heating. They even offer a three year warranty in case it breaks at any point.

iWALK Portable Charger 4800mAh Power Bank


It’s so frustrating when you’re out all day and the phone battery starts running low, especially if you’ve got an hour train home with nothing to keep you amused.

I have a tendency of shovelling portable charger power banks in my pockets, but they’re normally pretty bulky. However, the iWALK fits perfectly into the the charging point of your phone and takes up barely any room.

It also stays firmly on, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out or losing it. Available from Amazon, they also have a 25% voucher available at the time of writing, so make the most of the deal while you can!

Food & Drinks

Whether it’s a bottle of their favourite beverage or some special chocolates, these are a safe bet as you can bet your bottom dollar they’re going to be happy!

The London No1 Gin


It’s funny to think I didn’t use to like gin just three years ago, now it’s my absolute go-to beverage. The growth in popularity has led to a huge number of amazing gin launches and one brand I’d love to highlight is the London No1 Gin.

Distilled in London, this 43% volume gin is available from Ocado, Amazon, Booths, The Drink Shop and Drink Supermarket, but to name a few.

You may want to get this alongside a couple of bottles/cans of tonic, or if you’re like me, with some lemonade.

Lakrids By Bulow


I’ll be the first to admit I used to hate liquorice, but this was an absolute game-changer, it will alter the way you think about liquorice. Forget the stick dipped in sherbert, this is a luxuriously produced treat coated in chocolate.

The Winter Selection Box, highlighted above, costs £42 and contains a selection of different flavours, including the original, coffee, salt & caramel, dark chocolate sea salt, butter cookie, salty caramel, raspberry and crispy caramel.


If you’re working to a tighter budget, they also have smaller packs, such as the salty caramel chocolate coated liquorice highlighted in the pic above, which costs £19. Made in Denmark, they offer free shipping in the UK, while it will only take a couple of days to arrive.

MOM Rocks Gin


Nicknamed the ‘Queen of Gins’, the MOM Rocks gin is both beautiful tasting and cleverly designed. You can taste coriander and liquorice, as well as lime zest and black peppercorn.

In fact, if you really want to make them happy on the day, you can get the glasses and ice ready, so you can pour them some as soon as they open their present. Then hopefully they might share it with you!

Available from Master of Malt for £20.45, this Spanish gin can be with you very quickly and is an ideal gift for gin fans. God save the gin!

Wildjac Apple Spiced Rum


Spiced rum has been my favourite alcoholic drink for around 15 years, but I only recently tried an apple spiced rum at a food festival last year and was amazed by the taste.

I’m therefore delighted to introduce you to the scrumptious Wildjac apple spiced rum, which is sustainably sourced and eco-friendly. 

The combination of apples with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and warming spices create an almost festive taste. This drink can be drunk straight, but considering it’s 37.5%, you can also combine it with coke or lemonade for a great tasting drink. They even recommend having it with cloudy apple juice, which I find an interesting combination I will have to test out.

Wildjac Plum Pudding Rum Liqueur


Described as tasting like Christmas pudding in a glass, they’re not wrong, it really does! The combination of nutmeg, plums, raisins and cinnamon certainly go a long way to achieving this.

This is a great drink to slowly sip on with the fire on and the Christmas tunes playing, offering something a little sweet as a tasty treat after the roast dinner.

This limited edition rum is impeccably smooth going down, while it can be ordered for £13 directly from their website.

Neurita Citrus Tequila


When you think of wild nights, tequila is arguably one of the first thoughts that comes through my mind, but the basic options sold in supermarkets often don’t taste great. Enter Neurita!

You can opt for citrus, rosa or blanco, while I’m trying the citrus tequila, infused with natural fruit flavours, including tangerine & Sicilian orange, with a fresh, zesty and extra smooth tasting note.

This is also a great gift if they fans of margaritas, or try making them a Neurita Spritz, containing this citrus Neurita, fresh lime and soda, topped with a slice of orange. Even better, pour them a glass on the day!

NOMO Chocolate


NOMO’s Premium Advent Calendar is ideal for lovers of NOMO’s signature indulgent caramel flavour. Coming in an eye-catching, golden tree-shaped box, each door reveals 24 caramel filled chocolate drops wrapped in golden foil, along with a full-size Caramel Chocolate Bar to enjoy on Christmas Day!


The second new addition to NOMO’s festive line up is the Cookie Dough Box. It is a perfect Christmas treat to share with friends and family – but equally makes an ideal stocking filler or gift for that special someone.


The Cookie Dough Box follows the bestselling cookie dough reindeer which was launched in stores last year. It is filled with 12 delicious cookie dough drops, totally vegan and free from which are available exclusively in-store at Tesco and online at 


One for the gooey caramel lovers out there, NOMO’s Caramel Gift Box is back for another year! 

Perfect for vegan and non-vegan customers alike, the caramel drops will be filling shopping baskets and adorning Christmas tables. Each box contains 12 individual foil wrapped caramel drops, each one vegan and free from, meaning no one needs to miss out on a spot of festive indulgence. 


NOMO’s Advent Calendar is the UK’s No.1 vegan and free from advent calendar. Hiding behind each door is an assortment of NOMO’s signature creamy chocolate and caramel & sea salt drops.


Behind each door of the now iconic advent calendar, you’ll also find an uplifting festive message to put a smile on your face each day in the run-up to Christmas. 

If you’re working to a tighter budget, you can also pick up the chocolate orange reindeer or cookie dough reindeer, both priced at 80p.

Moo Free Premium Gift Box


With every year that passes, I seem to have more friends and family that have turned vegan, meaning I have to be aware of what I’m buying, I can’t just send the traditional milk chocolates.

The Moo Free Premium Bar Gift Box contains four packs of chocolates, including 65% dark chocolate, cinder toffee, salted caramel and original chocolate.

Sourced from plantations in the Dominican Republic, these organic vegan chocolates are a great gift whether you’re a vegan or not, as they taste absolutely scrumptious.

Beauty & Style

Whether it’s a soothing moisturiser or a new shaving kit, Christmas is the ideal time to top up on all your beauty and grooming products, especially as you can ask for something a bit more luxurious than you would normally go for.

Below I have included some top recommendations to consider for that special someone if you’re struggling for ideas.

STM Myth Backpack


Have you noticed your loved ones bag is starting to look a bit rugged? Well it could be time for an upgrade and STM Goods provides the highest quality when it comes to rucksacks.

Ideal if you’re heading abroad, there are two flaps so it can sit perfectly on your suitcase without falling off. The STM Myth backpack is also water repellent, absolutely necessary in this wet country.

You will also find attachments inside to keep your cables together, as well as a dedicated AirPods pocket. There are even soft shoulder pillows so the bag doesn’t dig in when heavy. This truly is the next level when it comes to backpacks!

AKT Ensemble Box


AKT was launched by two West End performers who wanted to create a premium natural deodorant formulation that could be delivered straight to your door. They would include luxury fragrances and the brand would have a strong environmental ethos, well they hit the nose with all of these with the creation of AKT.

The AKT Ensemble Box includes all three of their deodorant balms, an applicator and an assistant. Deodorant number one contains pettigrain, mandarin and neroli, number two contains cedar, eucalyptus and orange, while number three contains mint, pomelo and tomato vine. They contain no aluminium, hence why they’re spread onto your armpit rather than sprayed.

Also, make sure to sign up to their newsletter for 10% off your order, while you will also find out about plenty of future deals and new releases.

Therapie Equilibrium Bath And Body Oil


Turn back three years ago and I had never used a bath oil, believing them to be ‘snake oil’, an expensive item sold with little benefits, but I’m converted! The essential oils create an amazing aroma, which can’t help but relax you, while they feel great on your skin.

Plus, it’s an extra excuse to spend longer in the bath, turn on some soft music and have a complete mental detox on a Sunday before the week ahead.

The Therapie Equilibrium Bath & Body Oil comes in a 100ml bottle, while the main notes you will detect are bergamot, lavender, cedarwood, neroli and black spruce. Get ready to feel completely relaxed!


Personalised Calendar


I remember first buying Raquel a calendar about three years ago, she had never used one, but she had begun working from home more often and complained that she was getting all her dates confused. It was a game changer, now every year I get her a new one.

Last year was dog focused, but the beauty of the CEWE personalised calendars is that you can put in special moments you’ve shared together, such as holidays or funny photos.

You can also pick the type that would work best for them, whether they want it nailed to the wall or sat on their desk, or even as a personalised diary that they can carry along with them.

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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