Father’s Day Gift Guide 2024

If you have an amazing dad you want to treat, then I hope the below ideas will whip up some inspiration for you. Dads aren’t always the easiest to buy for, they rarely state outright what they want, hoping you can guess based on a lifetime of knowing them. But this is why they end up with gifts they don’t want. Take a look through and do let me know if you have any questions about these at all.

Men’s Foil X Jacket

mens foil x jacket helly hansen

The Helly Hansen Men’s Jackets are the ultimate in luxury when it comes to jackets for active wear, whether that’s sailing, hiking, skiing or generally being caught out in the rain.

The Foil X jacket comes in 5 different sizes, ranging from small to 2XL, while it also comes in two colours, ebony black or cobalt blue.

Both waterproof and highly breathable, the jacket has a 3-layer construction and a 4 way stretch, this is the ideal jacket for an active dad.

The thick material, predominantly made by polyamide, is incredibly sturdy, yet lightweight. The hood is detachable and tucks in nicely to ensure your neck doesn’t get wet if splashed while sailing.

I love the way this fits and looks, I can strongly recommend it for anyone looking to really treat their dad for father’s day.

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Moshulu Casual Leather Loafers

moshulu leather loafers

I’ve always loved loafers, you can easily slip them on without having to bother with the hassle of laces, while they look perfectly elevant and professional.

They’re also highly versatile, you can wear them with smart office attire or with jeans on the weekend.

The leather loafers by Moshulu come in a chestnut brown and a navy blue, ranging from size 7 to 11.5. They’re an incredibly cosy fit, the stunning stitching looks incredibly neat and they feel very breathable, ideal with summer on our doorstep.

They’re also sesnt without plastic bags, delivered in a cardboard shoe box, whiel they use leather from Leather Working Group approved tanneries. Upgrade your dads shoe collection today, especially if his are starting to look a bit ragged.

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Leonor Greyl Men’s Haircare

leonor greyl mens haircare

The Leonor Greyl brand was launched back in 1968, creating natural hair care products, utilising botanics in the formulation.

The Lait Lavant A La Banane Men is a milk formulated shampoo which contains banana extract in order to provide a milder and gentler wash for your hair folicles, ideal for fragile hair, as well as removing odours.

As I have got older, one of the main changes is my shampoo’s have got slightly more lavish, as I learn more about what’s essential for both protecting your hair from damage and providing a sufficient clean.

The Baume Bois De Rose is a modeling and sculpting balm. Guys in general don’t have too many cosmetic weapons in their armoury, but a decent gell or wax has always been one. This contains organic carnauba wax as an emulsifier, as well as Japan wax, which is a vegan alternative to the more commonly used beeswax, to help create texture with your hair.

This also contains organic cupuaca butter, which will help moisturise the scalp, containing oleic acid, a rich fatty acid which hydrates the skin.

The final product in the range is the Eclat Naturel, being a styling cream for very dry, thick or frizzy hair. Raquel instantly tried to pinch this off me as she uses and loves products that help with hair control and humidity.

As you would expect with their range, it’s not just about the amazing ability to control wild hair, but also with moisturising the skin and protection from the suns rays.

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Athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream

athletia sleeping cream

A large portion of people will apply moisturiser first thing in the morning after getting out of the shower, but just before bed is another key application point. A sleeping cream is generally thicker than a day cream, packed full of key nutrients which will help to replenish the skin, especially if you’ve been battling the climates.

The Athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream contains geranium robertianum, which has antibiotic, anti-microbial and astringent properties. The formula has been carefully created to help add and keep moisture in the skin throughout the night. You will also find evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil present.

You will certainly enjoy the sweet fragrant aroma that wafts up when you take the lid off, being a mix of lavender, orange, sandalwood and cedarwood.

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La Réserve de Pichon Comtesse 2017

La Reserve de Pichon Comtesse Pauillac 2017

The Réserve de la Comtesse, is a beautiful tasting red wine from Bordeaux, a Pauillac that is elegant with tasting notes of dark fruits, kirsch, toast and cinnamon.

Using 60% Cabernet Sauvinon grapes, as well as 36% Merlot, 2% Petit Verdot and 2% Cabernet Franc, this is a lavish gift for a dad that loves his premium red wine.

Available from Majestic for £69.99 per bottle, this is ideally matched with red meats or cheese, so you could give a double gift and make your dad dinner as well!

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STM Lightweight Travel BagPack

STM BagPack

This compact and collapsible backpack comes completely folded up into a tiny bag, you wouldn’t believe how much it expands. The contoured shoulder straps ensure for a cosy fit, while the thin nylon material means it’s great on long treks when you don’t want something heavy on your back.

STM stands for Smater Than Most, which makes sense when you see the amount of thought and contraptions that go into the design and development of this backpack.

It has an inflatable airbag inside, to offer laptop protection, easy and quick to both inflate and deflate, something I’ve never seen in a bag before, but definitely useful with work holding valuables.

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Jura Aged 10 Years Single Malt Whisky

Jura WhiskyIf I truly want to make my dad happy, I can get him a good Sci-Fi book, a nice shirt and a good bottle of single malt Scotch whisky. In fact, I’ve shared a few good whisky’s with him over the years.

The Jura single malt is aged for ten years in Oloroso Sherry casks, sourced from Spain. Jura is actually an island just off Scotland, with just under 200 residents, while the distillery is the islands crown jewel, initially launched back in 1810.

With stunning flavours of nectarines and coffee, as well as aromas of cracked pepper and dark chocolate, this is definitely a great gift for father’s day.

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Collagen Peptides

Marine Collagen Powder Vital

Your dad might not admit it to you, but there is a fair chance he is starting to feel more self-conscious about the signs of ageing. However, many men don’t know where to start when it comes to this area.

This collagen supplement helps to promote youthful skin, while it’s in an easy to take powder form, which can simply be mixed with water and drunk first thing in the morning.

These bovine collagen peptides are bioavailable, which basically means your body can easily digest and absorb all the nutrients it requires. You can order this for £29.99. or sign your dad up to a subscription and save 25%.

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Edifier WH700NB Headphones


If your dad hasn’t made the upgrade to wireless headphones then it could take your intervention to show how much better they are than getting wires tangled as you move around.

Of course, you will receive the usual questions. Won’t these die quickly? Are they still as powerful? Will I have issues connecting?

The answers, you get 68 hours of playtime before needing a charge, at which point a single 10 minute charge provides 8 hours of playtime! It easily automatically connects once synced to your device via Bluetooth, while it’s foldable design means it can easily be tucked into your bag without wires getting everywhere. It also has AI Call Noise Cancellation and Dual Device Connection.

The only real question is which of the four colours would your dad like the most.

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Mapmakers Coastal Spiced Rum

mapmakers rumFirstly, it’s worth highlighting that Dunnet Bay Distillers have three different spirits which all look equally tantalising, including Rock Rose Gin and Holy Grass Vodka.

But it was the Mapmaker’s Coastal Spiced Rum that jumped out. I’m a big fan of spiced rum and have loved learning the subtle differences between each brand’s recipes. This one utilises the botanicals lemon verena, scurvy grass, sea kelp and Scottish sea salt.

Priced at £35, I know this is a gift my dad would love, my friends would love, in fact I would love.

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Pentire Coastal Spritz

pentire coastal spritzThis alcohol free aperitif is best served with some Fever-Tree light tonic water, which you can order at the same time, making this the perfect combo present.

Formulated with a gorgeous blend of blood orange, sea rosemary and oakwood, this both tastes and looks incredible. Pour 50ml in a glass with 150ml tonic and then cut in a slice of orange, your dad will be beyond happy!

They even have a Pentire Jigger, so you can precisely measure the exact amounts for your dads homemade alcohol-free cocktail, with 25ml and 50ml measurements.

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World’s Greatest Fatso Bundle

fatso bundle

This is a premium chocolate bar brand, utilising a family owned Columbian cocoa supply which is 100% ethically driven and sustainably grown.

They’re also vegan friendly, ideal if your pops is being a bit healthier now. But there is something I love about the angle they’re taking. They wanted to create ‘posh chocolate’ that wasn’t absolutely tiny, which we’ve come to expect. So these chunky bars are made to fit our actual wants.

The whole bundle costs £27, or if you’re on a tighter budget, you can buy them individually for £6.75.

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Electric Heated Foot Warmer

heated foot warmer

Why am I just learning about these? As winter comes to an end and it is nice and warm outside, along comes a great winter invention, but you know your dad will appreciate this during the cold weather.

In fact, I got in a habit of calling over my pet dog to sit on my feet during the colder months, anything to stay warm. This is machine washable, it heats up quickly and feels really nice and cosy.

It also has an overheat protection, so you don’t have to worry about burning something. You even get a remote control, especially useful if they have trouble reaching down to their feet.

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Lola’s Cupcakes

Lolas Cupcakes

This six pack of delicious cupcakes costs £22.20, or you can opt for 12 mini cupcakes for £25.20. With a fun and creative superhero dad style, these will certainly please him and his sweet tooth.

The box includes a mix of vanilla and chocolate sponge, decorated with some sprinkes and stars. Just make sure to sneak one for yourself!

These can be delivered anywhere across the country, so they can be freshly baked and arrive on your dads door for Father’s day.

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CleanCo V Spiced Apple

cleanco spiced appleWe have seen a complete explosion of alcohol alternatives over the past few years, while they might prove really useful for your pops if he fancies a drink but knows he shouldn’t.

What I love about CleanCo is they have a spirit alternative to suit you, whether it’s a bourbon, G&T, rhubarb gin or a whisky for an old fashioned.

The spiced apple combines apple (obviously) with cinnamon, while it is great accompanied with tonic (or lemonade) and a wedge of lime. In fact, you could make this up for your dad and serve it up for him, he might not even guess it’s alcohol free!

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Super Facialist Men’s Serum

super facialist men

Dads are great for giving advice, for inspiration, for showing you the way, but they’re rarely good at taking advice, especially when it comes to skincare. It could be a generation thing which changes with time, but many dads still need a bit of forced guidance in this area.

So you could be really helping him by guiding him on what to put on when out of the shower. Just avoid the wording ‘beauty regime’, they seem sensitive to that. Generally they psychologically feel more comfortable when a skincare product has ‘men’ written on it.

The Age Defence Men’s Serum by Super Facialist has retinol and niacinamide to help reduce the appearance of fine linkes and wrinkles, as well as adding moisture into the skin.

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Cali by Snoop: Cali Rosé

cali roseEverything Snoop touches turns to gold, while he’s launched a new exciting venture, a wine brand that comes in either red or rosé.

Of course, I’d jump straight for the rosé, with raspberry, strawberry and cherry notes that make this the perfect summer tipple, to be enjoyed in the garden.

Available from Tescos, Asda, Amazon, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s, this should be easy to pick up even if you’ve left your gift buying to the last minute.

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AA Country Walks

aa walking guide

My parents were both obsessed with walks the whole way through my childhood, I never understood it. Then the day I hit 30, it was like a switch, all I wanted to do was get out to the countryside and climb up a hill.

The AA have a set of walking guides for all over the country, with the pictured being 50 walks in Gloucestershire, however there are plenty of others such as the Lake District or Cornwall, depending on what your dad would prefer.

They make sure to give clear details on important factors such as the distance, how much the trail ascends upwards, what type of paths you would walk on and whether it’s dog friendly.

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Gold Dust Adaptogen Blend

gold dust

I’ve been trying my best to move away from coffee towards a more natural alternative, the same for many others, while Gold Dust offers a great energy boost without the crash.

Resishi mushrooms can help to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body. They’re also known to increase relaxation and ease stress, which your dad might need.

This also contain’s Lion’s Mane, which can lower blood sugar levels and potentially improve nerve development. It also contains Cordyceps, which can boost your kidney function, which we all need after a lifetime of bad habits.

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