Mother’s Day 2019 Gift Guide

It’s the time of year where we look to all the mum’s around the country with admiration and gratitude for everything they have done for us. I can certainly say I was a handful as a teenager, so all I can say is a million apologies and make sure mum mum has a great weekend! If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to buy, have a look through my gift guide for some potential presents.

Guylian Master’s Selection

guylian chocolates

I resent a single person that says chocolates aren’t a winner! It’s an instant tick as a must-have present for mother’s around the world! Plus, an added benefit to the Guylian Master’s Selection, beyond them being unbelievably tasty Belgium chocolates, is that they have a little something for everyone.

My mum is a little hooked to ginger chocolate, while the pack comes with a ginger lime, so I instantly know this will be a winner.

The full pack includes a signature hazelnut praline, almond praline, orange, coffee cardamom, caramel pineapple, raspberry, earl grey tea, mocha and crunchy hazelnut praline. These 30 mini chocolates will certainly bring a smile to mums up and down the country.

Buff Bobble Hat

These look incredibly cute and they keep you so warm, we might be nearing the end of winter but you can never truly trust the British weather. These luxurious hats come in a variety of colours, while you can also get some matching neckwear to go alongside the hat if you wish. The Buffwear Bobble Hats are just some of the amazing options they have online, so take a look through their site for inspiration this Mother’s day.

Exfoliating Socks

I hadn’t heard of these before a month ago and now I’ve been glued to the idea. We take so much care of our face and hands, yet seem happy to ignore our feet, which we tread on and use so regularly. Exfoliators work to remove dead skin, but if you have used an exfoliating sock then you will know the extremity we mean when we say this.

You wear the product for an hour, but don’t expect your skin to all fall off at the end, it will look relatively normal after. The next day, all the same, you might even start to wonder if it was a scam. Then day 3 comes along and your feet are 100% peeling! Not the most attractive sight to see, but after a day or two, once they look like normal again, give them a feel and stare at wonder at how soft and lovely they are!

The good thing about the sock is that you don’t need to scrub at all, this is a hands-off approach to pampering your tootsies.


Ask me to stand up straight and you will see me double in size. My posture can be terrible at times, while it’s not helped by working in an office with a laptop lower than my eye-sight. We should all do a little more to improve our posture and relieve the strain from the joints, enter WALKMAXX Blackfit. These shoes have a rounded sole, while they come in all different designs, so you can get the shoe to match the season or the occasion.

The Hungarian brand was launched 9 years ago, with the Walkmaxx Black, however their product range has expanded drastically since this stage, while utilising the greatest in technology and the best materials to ensure your comfort.


Summer is just around the corner and this product may just be the perfect gift. With an inspirational story behind TanCream, following Gillian’s diagnosis of skin cancer, they were eager to create a sun tan lotion that offers real protection, yet also allows you to go a nice bronze colour. Backed by dermatologists, this one hits close to home, as my mum suffered with cancer a couple of years ago and it made me a lot more aware of the dangers.

Having also recently taken on the 10 step Korean skincare routine, it became the norm to put on sun tan lotion on a daily basis, despite it being pretty chilly down here in Brighton, as I learned of the damage that can still be caused on a cold day by the powerful rays from the sun. The hardest part will be handing this over to my mum and holding temptation to keep it for myself!!

Vie Magnesium Flakes

Commonly known as the ‘winding down mineral’, I’m a big fan of ZMA supplements in the evening (zinc and magnesium), with magnesium helping to improve your quality of sleep. However it’s not limited to consumption, with magnesium now becoming the go-to salt of choice for a therapeutic soak.

Sourced from the Dead Sea, these are the perfect gift for the mum that suffers a little from joint aches, available from Vie-Healthcare. beyond joint care, the magnesium flakes can also help to soften the skin and increase elasticity.

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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