Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

mothers-day-2021This is certainly a bit of an odd Mother’s Day, I won’t get to see my mum this time, so we will be celebrating properly after lockdown. However, in the meantime, I can certainly send her a number of gifts in the post.

If you’re not sure what to get your mum this year, then let this article serve as some inspiration. The selection of gift ideas blend a number of topics and interests, so you might find something that will work for your mum.


For The Stylish Mum

Does your mum love a gift that oozes sophistication or makes her house look glam? Then why not consider some of the ideas below.

Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

This is a great gift for someone who needs a rug for their living room or bedroom, adding a level of sophistication, or potentially just covering a stain. I was on a house viewing recently, where I saw someone with one of these beautiful rugs in their living room and it really added a touch of class to the room.

This is a genuine Icelandic sheepskin rug, by Glencroft, priced at £99.95. You can choose between a black, cream, grey, highland coo, linen grey or spotted version. The photo illustrates the grey option.

If you were looking for a slightly cheaper version, they do also a 100% British wool natural white sheepskin rug for £64.95.

Mermaid Mini Trio Gift Set

Firstly, may I just say how much we LOVE Mermaid gin. To this day, we both agree that it’s the tastiest gin in the world. If your mum is a gin fan then look no further.

Sure you could buy a full bottle, but the Mermaid trio gin set offers something a little bit different, it’s delivered in a nice box and offers them the chance to try the full range. Containing the signature gin, the pink gin and the recently launched salt vodka, this will provide her with a merry gift for her to truly enjoy the day with, all at £16.50.

These are plastic free, with Mermaid making environmentally friendly spirits in the Isle of Wight’s only distillery.


For The Sporty Mum

Whether your mum is a fitness freak or simply trying to get back into a healthy lifestyle, a fitness based gift might be very much appreciated. Last year my mum asked us for a FitBit for Christmas so she could start counting her steps on her country walks. I’ve included some potential ideas that were highlighted to me.

Vegan Protein Powder

somebody-vegan-proteinI’m not sure whether it was the popularity of The Game Changer on Netflix, or the fact that I live in Brighton, but virtually every mum I know has become a vegan in the past 12 months. There also seems to be a strong connection between people turning vegan and also trying to be a little more healthy.

The issue for many vegans is the issues around getting enough protein in their diet while training. Not just are you ruling out meat, but you also can’t have whey protein, being derived from milk. The Strawberry and Raspberry vegan protein powder, available at Superdrug, is a brilliant option, while it also tastes amazing!

Priced at £14.99, you could easily buy this alongside a few other small gifts. Despite that great taste, it has no added sugar, important for those mums who are on a health binge.

Lashile Beauty Gummies

Dieting is incredibly hard. Who wants to avoid eating after 7pm?? However, Lashile having introduced a number of interesting gummies, created to help reduce your appetite.

The Lashile Good Diet gummies are created with a CAROB complex and will leave you fuller for longer, despite being only 5 calories per gummy! Containing a combination of Caroube, Chrome and L-tyrosine, these have been carefully formulated to help you stick to your training without constantly thinking about snacks.

Another alternative option is the Lashile Beauty Good Slim gummies, containing a formula complex of L-carnitine, mate, elderberry extract and chicoree powder. Helping to turn fat into energy, so it can be burned during your intense workouts, the mate will also help to boost your metabolism and stabilise blood sugar levels.

These are a great option for someone wanting to lose some pounds, while also having it in a fun and tasty form.


The Tech Gifts

I love my mum, but her phone must be close to ten years old. I see it part of a son or daughter’s job to help bring modern technology into their parents lives. I’ve highlighted some great gift ideas you could consider below.

Wireless Headphones

paris-headphonesI held on to my wired headphones for a long time, seeing wireless as a silly ‘technological advance’, considering how easy they would be to lose. But after finally getting some and realising how easy it is to exercise without getting your wires caught, it seemed hard to ever step back.

Urbanista true wireless earphones Paris come in four stylish colours – Rose Gold, Olive Green, Black and White. They are packed with features including 20 hours playtime, passive noise cancelling and touch controls. They will be on offer this Mother’s Day, being Buy One Get One Free so you can treat yourself and your Mum!

Phone Stand

Make staying in touch with mum easier this Mother’s Day with CLCKR’s multi-functional phone stand and grip, which handily holds your device in different viewing positions.

You can also binge-watch your favourite film or TV streaming service hands-free or create content for your social media accounts as CLCKR makes recording and taking selfies a breeze.

I love the idea of having something that can easily slot on the back of my phone which I can use as a stand on train journeys without taking up too much room in my pocket. It also fits easily around the hand for when someone calls up.


For The Beauty Enthusiast

Whether it’s a sheet mask or some top quality moisturiser, there are so many potential great gift ideas around beauty. You could even get vouchers for a massage, but not all mums would feel comfortable with this, so sometimes a little gift can go a lot further.

Forever Hydrating Serum

Many people naturally think of moisturisers when it comes to anti-ageing, however moisturisers merely hold in the moisture that is there, helping in the short term. On the other hand, serum adds moisture to the skin, which can have a significant impact on fine lines and wrinkles.

The issue is serum’s can cost quite a bit, so some people avoid buying it for themselves, which is where birthday’s and events such as Mother’s Day offer a great option for you to treat them with something they’d love.

The Forever Hydrating Serum won silver at the Pure Beauty Awards last year. It’s packed full of hyaluronic acid, one of the most important anti-ageing ingredients, as well as white tea, aloe vera, mimosa bark, tamarind and snow mushroom.

A 50ml pack can be bought for £34 from the Forever Living website.

Q10 Anti-Ageing Range

Gift sets are great, as they tend to feature the whole range around a set subject, such as anti-ageing. Sebamed are a brand I’ve tried previously, with an amazing winkle filler moisturising cream. The Q10 Sebamed range includes a firming body lotion, a protective cream and a lifting eye cream.

The anti-ageing products contain a number of brilliant ingredients to help fight off the signs of ageing and keep you looking younger for longer, including hyaluronic acid, shea butter, Vitamin E, ProV B5 and Q10.

Each of the Sebamed products are made at the same PH levels as healthy skin, while they’re rich in antioxidants, helping to fight off free radicals, the main culprit in ageing. They’re dermatologically tested and perfect for sensitive skin. It’s also a very decently priced gift set at £22.50.


For The Mum Who Loves A Game

If your mum loves a game, but has been playing monopoly on the past 5 visits, maybe it’s time to get her something fun for you both to play with on visits, or something she can have a crack at while you’re not there.

Rock Saws

Lockdown gets lively with Rock Saws from Zee Productions, as they turn classic music album artwork into puzzles.

Last year they moved into the mainstream music genre, with the release of a range of 500 and 1,000 piece puzzles featuring official album artwork from late 20th century music icons including David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, The Clash, Nirvana and AC/DC.

This year the mainstream portfolio is extended with puzzles from some of rock’s most influential and highly regarded artists, including Iron Maiden, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd, Queen, Green Day and Debbie Harry to name a few.

I have great memories at Christmas a few years ago, where my family all had a crack at a 1,000 piece puzzle. I didn’t expect it to be so much fun, as we blasted music and caught up on life while struggling to find the right pieces to slot in.

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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