Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2020

valentines gifts 2020

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching; however, we always seem to hit a stumbling block when working out what to pay for, beyond the usual traditional items. So, read on for our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and I hope you find some inspiration. Also, if you need any advice on where to purchase any of these from, don’t hesitate to get in contact, we’re always happy to help.

For Her

Sure, I’ll get Raquel some flowers and some chocolates, but what else? I can’t just get the same gifts each year and I need extra exciting items to mix in. So, read on for some of the best gift items for the ‘her’ in your life.

Gtech MYO Touch

mytouch-massage-tableI’ve been for a large number of massages this year, as has my girlfriend, but imagine never having to pay for a massage again, yet having them daily from the comfort of your own home. Imagine being able to pick the exact strength and focus without awkwardly having to ask the masseuse not to go as strong. Imagine being able to train in the gym and not have to worry as much about DOMS. Well all of this is possible with the Gtech MY Touch! This massage bed has a robotic roller which moves seamlessly underneath you, helping to remove all those kinks and knots dotted around the body. This can be picked up for £299 from the Gtech website and is just as much a gift to yourself as it is to your partner, just don’t let on how much you wanted it yourself!

Mermaid Pink Gin


I begun to enjoy gin around 6 months ago, but nothing could have prepared me for how much I’d like Mermaid gin! It’s head and shoulders above any other I’ve tasted, a premium priced drink but for very good reasons, it tastes a world apart from anything you’ve had before. For those that are also trying to watch their weight, you will be happy to know there is no added sugar, they rely on the beautiful botanicals and strawberries to bring such a great flavour to the bottle. These can be purchased online or at your local M&S.

Naturalis CBD Bath Bomb

naturalis-bath-bombFor anyone who is unaware, I’m quite heavily developed and involved in the CBD industry, considering I run the review site CBD Sloth, which won Media of the Year in November. Therefore my ears are always going to prick up when I hear the subject as a potential gift. Bath bombs are a love for both myself and my other half, making a brilliant gift to help her relax in the evening after a heavy day at work. The warm water opens up the pores, while the bath bomb is packed nutrients and vitamins that will help to replenish the skin.

The Naturalis bath bomb is available at the Canna Club Shoreditch and online for national delivery for £14.99.

Q Cards

Q-CardsI loved these the moment I saw them, they seemed like the perfect couple’s gift, something we would both play while having a few gin’s (making it a great combined gift with the Mermaid Gin). Find out funny stories, learn even more about each other and leave technology alone so you can dig deep into their history. Like a non hen-party based Mr & Mrs Questions, these are great at whatever stage of your relationship you’re in. Hey, I’d even like to try these on my close mates, with a few pints and learn more about them! These can be purchased from the Q Card website.

Yardley Hand Cream Duo

Yardley-hand-cream-duoGrowing up in a household of women, I always get asked for hand cream by my mum and my sisters each year, so I can guarantee you this is often a good bet, especially if you opt for a premium product containing naturally derived ingredients. So say hello to the Yardley nourishing hand cream duo pack, with the two creams being lily of the valley and English rose. These can be purchased from the Yardley London website, while you can also enjoy 10% off if you sign up to their newsletter.

Animal Spot Cami Short Set

nightwear womensThis women’s silky satin short set is a great Valentine’s gift and looks dead cosy! This London brand has a great range of nightwear clothing and this product is being sold for just £24 currently on the Pretty You website. The cami short set is available for sizes from 8-10 up to 14-16, while you can also get it in a trouser pyjama set.

Dr PawPaw Balm

dr-pawpawThese multipurpose soothing balms are great for lips, cheeks and cosmetic finishing, while they are fragrance free. You can choose between either hot pink or tinted red, or both! Made in Great Britain, these balms are made from natural ingredients, unsurprisingly including fermented pawpaw, which if you don’t know, is the fruit of the plant carica papaya, which has long been known for its skin benefits, including its large quantity of potassium which helps to hydrate, as well as removing dead skin cells. These can be purchased from the Dr PawPaw website.

SEAMS Hand Cream

SEAMS-hand-creamAs the brand name suggests, the SEAMS hand cream was made with seamstresses in mind, who had to work hard with their hands and would occasionally have a pinprick, therefore they required a powerful moisturising hand cream. Containing shea butter, macadamia oil and fragonia oil, the cream works wonders in soothing out the damage from the day, without leaving oily residue on the skin. As someone who goes to the gym and ends up with callouses on the hands, I might have to sneak this off the mrs!

For Him

Because we deserve gifts as well! I know it can be hard at times to buy something for the fella, we’re not always the best at giving clues or being able to think of something we need, so read on for some inspiration this Valentine’s Day.

Copper Dog Scotch Whisky

copper-dogForget me, my dad would bite my hand off for a bottle of Copper Dog whisky! This is an eight malt blended scotch whisky which has proven popular with a number of big names on your TV screens. I’d struggle to say a single friend who wouldn’t appreciate a bottle of scotch as a true gift of love, to slowly sip in the evening. Plus, the brand has teamed up with INKD, so you can get a personalised message written. A bottle can be purchased for £35 from Get It INKD.

Brisk Beard Oil

brisk-beard-oilSure, this is technically part for her as well as me, but I know as a bearded guy, it can scratch the hell out of Raquel’s face when I go to give her a kiss. I decided to tackle this issue around a year ago and have experimented with numerous beard oils and beard shampoo’s in order to soften those bristles. Well Brisk have an amazing range of beard grooming gifts you can get for that bearded boyfriend. The Brisk citrus beard oil has a great smell, yet the scent isn’t so strong that it is distracting or off-putting. Plus it contains avocado, argan and jojoba oil to help nourish the skin and prevent dry flakes or dry skin at all. You can purchase this from the Brisk Grooming site.

Brisk Beard Balm

brisk-beard-balmAs the beard gets a little longer, the first thing I learned (other than the constant itchiness and irritations) is the fact it can very easily lose control and look a bit more hobo and oh-hello. So the Brisk beard balm works amazingly at controlling those chin hairs into a managed style, as well as adding a scent and soothing the skin with the addition of the cacao seed butter. This can also be purchased from the Brisk Grooming site.

Raw Naturals Face Cream

face-creamI cannot describe how nice smelling the Raw Naturals product range is! It’s just exquisite! Times have changed, men aren’t so scared to apply some beauty products so they don’t look like a prune, I’ve been using moisturiser since I was 15 years old and I never used to understand why some people were hesitant back in the day. But this is by far the best smelling one I’ve ever used, it doesn’t leave any grease or shine, and it makes me face feel really soft, which is impressive considering my beard. The face cream can be purchased from the Raw Naturals website or from your local Superdrug. I asked the owner of Raw Naturals what the inspiration behind the face cream was and he stated “The inspiration to Universal Face Cream and all RAW products is to find natural ingredients that have optimal function on your skin. We use Oat Oil which improve the skin barrier and are protecting, softening and smoothing.  We have one signature perfume for all RAW products which we carefully have chosen to fit in the concept. The perfume is a combination of citrus notes in the top and a base of warm caring sandalwood.” 

Yardley Gentleman Eau De Parfum

yardley-gentlemanYardley have a great Gentleman’s Collection range of eau de parfum’s for men, served in a 100ml bottle (yep, that means you can take it on holiday with you). I never used to know the difference between eau de toilette, eau de parfum and the rest, but since then I’ve learned eau de toilette is much weaker, meaning it won’t last as long and you will need to reapply, so this product will last throughout the day, a brilliant alternative to the boiler-plate options he probably has in his room. A bottle of Yardley eau de parfum can be purchased from the Yardley website or in your local Boots store.

Raw Naturals Antiperspirant Deodorant

deodorant-goof-proofIf your boyfriend is above the ages of 16 then Lynx shouldn’t be anywhere near his body! As I’ve previously mentioned, the whole range of Raw Natural Products smell great and the deodorant is no different. Plus, the scent lasted a decent length of time when testing it out. There are no white stains left on your top, while the inclusion of allantoin helps to prevent any irritation under the arms. The deodorant can be purchased from the Raw Naturals website or from your local Superdrug.

Raw Naturals Shower Gel

raw-naturals-shower-gelContaining apple amino acids and humulus lupulus extracts, this mild yet beautifully scented shower gel will become a staple part of the bathroom. As guys, we tend to buy the cheapest shower gel available in the supermarket, so why not treat him to something he wouldn’t normally experience, a shower gel to a whole new level, something he won’t help but see as a treat for those special occasions or for date night! The pale ale shower gel can be purchased from the Raw Naturals website or from your local Superdrug.

Speaking again to the owner of Raw Naturals, I asked why these would make for the perfect Valentine’s day gift and he stated “Raw Naturals is a high performance grooming range perfect for protecting the man in your life’s skin wherever his.  Raw Naturals tested their skin care products on the alpine slopes, so they will help protect in all conditions!  The range also includes products that cleanse using natural ingredients and a special beard shampoo & conditioner and beard oil to keep the love of your life in peak condition – top-to-toe!”

Tomatin Legacy

tomatin legacyThis highland single malt Scotch whisky is a great gift for any drink lover, distilled and bottled in Scotland, using bourbon and virgin oak casks. It has a strong kick and is available for £30 for a bottle.

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