Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

I’ve written the gift guide as a ‘for him, for her’, but I slightly hate doing that, as some items ‘for her’ he might love, while some items ‘for him’ she might love, so I don’t really agree with this concept, but it makes it easier to organise. I personally would love a sheet mask, so I definitely break the stereotype!

For Her

Slow Ageing Luxury & Light Hamper

beautiful-hamperWow were my words as this arrived! Forget giving this to your partner, I wanted to keep it all for myself!

The hamper contained a beautifully soothing JOGB SLOJO relaxing candle, which is 100% natural, contains luxury fragrances and utilises some amazing essential oils.

A candle is the perfect gift to set the mood or if they’re needing some TLC, so you could always follow this up by lighting the candle and running them a bath, with the citrus, lavender, geranium, patchouli and labdanum scents fill the room. This candle will offer your special one 50 hours of burning time, perfect for a weekly Sunday relaxing bath to last them until next Valentine’s.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Completing this hamper is the Slow Ageing Essential Bath Essence and Slow Ageing Essential Firming Body Essence.

You can add a capful of the Essential Bath essence to the water, which is packed full of antioxidants, helping to fight off the ageing damage of free radicals. The ingredients will also help to stimulate blood circulation around the body, while its nutrient rich extracts will give your skin some tender loving care.

The essential firming body essence will help to restore and reinvigorate your skin. The formula contains five pure essential oils: Hazelnut, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary and sunflower. Your partner can use this once they have got out of the bathtub, massaging into the skin in a circular motion to deeply moisture and firm up the skin.

Mermaid Pink Gin

mermaid pink ginI got into gin a few years ago, while Mermaid was the Gold Standard of gin in my eyes. I tried the original gin they produced and it was breath-taking!

The pink gin contains no added sugar, unlike many of its counterparts, making it a great option if you’re trying to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions.

It’s steeped in strawberries grown in the gorgeous Arreton Valley, offering it a naturally sweet taste.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a GREAT drink and something a little bit fancy for a special occasion. Plus, the pink colour works quite well with Valentine’s Day.

Florence by Mills Mind Glowing Peel Off Mask

florence peel offWe take in so many pollutants and toxins into the skin during the week, especially if you live in a big city, therefore a peel off mask is a great solution to remove all those nasties and help the serum and moisturiser to break through the layers of your skin and really take effect.

The peel off mask, priced at £20 at Boots, contains activated charcoal, which is highly porous. This means it will extract any impurities or excess sebum on the skin.

You apply the peel off mask to the face and wait 20-30 minutes, before peeling it off. You should then apply your serum and moisturiser. Make sure to wash and dab dry your face before applying the mask and avoid getting the liquid on your hair.

Beyond the activated charcoal, the Ming Glowing peel off mask also contains lavender oil to calm and soothe the skin, as well as witch hazel to keep the pores clear.

This is a great gift for any beauty product lover, while the colour of the liquid also makes it a fun activity on a relaxing Sunday!

Sebamed Wrinkle Filler

sebamedThis anti-ageing wrinkle filler offers less wrinkles in 28 days of continuous application. It achieves this by acting on multiple levels and effectively pumping up those wrinkles and fine lines.

The high molecular weight hyaluronic acid binds moisture on the skin’s surface instantly. The formula also allows it to penetrate the upper layers of the skin with a time delay, as well as reaching the deeper layers of the skin.

Coming in a 50ml jar, this can be purchased from their website for £12.29.

Collagen Zooki

collagen-zookiI first heard about collagen back in the day when I had a shoulder injury and I read numerous articles on how supplementing with collagen can help to reduce pain on the joints. However, as I dug deeper, I started to learn the importance of collagen to skin, helping to provide elasticity.

Collagen Zooki, from Your Zooki, is a liposomal hydrolysed marine collagen, containing 14 in a pack. They can be dropped into your drink or you can sip it straight from the sachet, which I preferred to do.

Each serving contains a hefty 5,000mg of marine collagen, featuring a patented technology for optimal taste and absorption.

Letterbox Wine

letterbox-wineLetterbox Wine offers a hassle-free, safe and planet-friendly delivery of wine through the letterbox, perfect for those looking to toast to Valentine’s day near and far this year.

Garçon Wines are the inventors of eco, flat wine bottles that fit through an average UK letterbox.

The full-sized (75cl) bottles of wine are made from 100% pre-existing PET (not single-use plastic), are fully, easily recyclable after use and have a significantly lower carbon footprint than round, glass wine bottles.

They’re shatterproof so require minimal protective packaging to arrive safely at the destination – with no spilled wine.

For Him

The Shirt Society

shirt-societyI love getting a good shirt! We can all pop down to our local clothes store and get something basic, but it’s nice to get a real special one on your birthday or Valentine’s, something above your normal budget that you can be really proud of.

The Shirt Society offer various different colours and styles, while they offer a subscription service so you can get a new shirt every 1, 2 or 3 months. You can also change your plan at any time, so you’re not tied down in case money becomes tight. Plus, they offer half price on the first month.

Picking the right option for your other half is the real difficulty, so why not opt for a gift card, so they can make the hard choice themselves.

Four Roses Bourbon

four-rosesThe history of Four Roses Bourbon is a love story from the very heart of Kentucky, the picturesque and historic town of Lawrenceburg – making it the perfect spirit for Valentine’s.

It began when Paul Jones Jr., the brand’s founder, became smitten by the beauty of a Southern belle. He sent a proposal to her, and she replied that if her answer were “Yes”, she would wear a corsage of four roses on her gown to an upcoming ball – which she duly did.  

And today, roses feature heavily on Four Roses’ Small Batch bourbon – from the cut glass rose in the centre of the label, to the bottle resembling the shape of a rosebud when held upside down!

Small Batch has been one of British bartenders’ favourite bourbons and, with online sales having tripled in the past year, it’s a ‘go-to’ spirit as people have sought to replicate bourbon-based cocktails – such as the Old Fashioned or Manhattan – that they used to enjoy out on the town.

You can order a bottle of Four Roses Bourbon from The Whiskey Exchange for £31.95

Nike Elite Micro Trunks

nike boxersOffering all day comfort with freedom to move, the Elite Micro Trunks are the new gym bag must haves and the best Valentine’s Day gift for your fitness obsessed boyfriend, providing support and comfort whilst working out.

The Nike Essential Micro Trunks are crafted with soft, stretchy microfibres, that makes for a perfect fit and an incredibly comfortable wear. The staple Nike Dri-FIT technology component adds support, odour & sweat management and helps prevent chafing.

The wide hems help to keep the underwear in place, while the ‘sweat wicking’ fabric helps to keep you dry when sweating your socks off during a workout. But most importantly, they really are dead comfy and they look great!

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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