Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

The romantic day of the year is fast approaching, meaning you can expect plenty of Facebook proposal posts in the next couple of weeks.

If you’re looking for a great gift to give to your partner, it can be hard to know where to start, so I’ve listed some ideas you might want to try out.

Paddy & Scott’s Date Night Gift Case

We first tried the Paddy & Scott’s coffee a year ago and we’ve been hooked ever since, ordering multiple packs each month. Our favourite has to be the Chit Chat, which is simply immense.

The Date Night Coffee Tasting gift case includes an Aeropress Go, allowing you to bring in your great tasting coffee to the office or on holiday and ensure you still have your favourite coffee with you.

It also includes a pack of the Jerry Can, Wakey Wakey, Easy Days and Chit Chat, all being a 227 gram pack of medium roast coarse grinded coffee.

Meater Plus Thermometer

While I cook meat twice a day, I always have a level of paranoia about it being raw in the middle and giving me food poisoning. For that reason, I’ve always been curious about a meat thermometer but I’ve never had one, up until now.

The Meater Plus is the first wireless smart meat thermometer, connecting through to an App so you can instantly see on your phone the temp of the steak on the BBQ.

The Meater Plus has a built-in bluetooth repeater, with no electronic wires and a guided cooking system so you can set it against what you’re heating up, whether that’s a whole roast chicken or a piece of brisket.

Magnitone Facial Toning Device

The Lift Off Microcurrent Facial Toning Device is the new must-have beauty device, embracing technology to penetrate deep into the skin and help it to plump and lift up for a more youthful look.

These have been used in expensive salon treatments throughout the UK (which costs a pretty penny), so now you’ve got the chance to do this from home in just five minutes.

The microcurrents will help to lift facial muscles through small pulses of electricity, working at a cellular level, stimulating blood flow in your face.

As I know this question will come up, this is non-invasive and won’t hurt, it will just create little facial twitches which you quickly get used to.

Machrie Men’s Wash Bag

The Machrie men’s wash bag Bag from ARRAN Sense of Scotland contains a number of luxurious products, including shaving gel, after shave balm, bath & shopwer gel and a soap bar, all within the wash bag.

The wash bag is ideal for taking on holidays, especially as most guys don’t seem to have one for some bizarre reason.

I have to admit, the bath and shower gel smells gorgeous. The total contents value is £54.50, however buying this all as a set means it will cost £45.

Fleece Lined Shirt

Open my wardrobe and you will find copious amounts of lumberjack shirts, I just love them! But most of my shirts are made for the summer weather, being breathable and allowing for a breeze to blow through. So what happens when the temperature drops?

Cotton Traders have a stunning fleece lined shirt, priced at £40, available in deep red, soft beige, pine or night sky. The soft teddy fleece lining will make you feel like you’re wearing a jumper while having the appearance of wearing a shirt.

Nio Letterbox Cocktails


One of the most enjoyable things me and Raquel have done at Valentine’s in the past has been to go for a cocktail making session. But quite often, we’d rather stay in and have a romantic evening. Enter Nio Cocktails!

You get all your favourite drinks without having to leave the house, nor learn how to be a mixologist, delivered directly to your door. But you also don’t have to stay in for the post man, as they fit perfectly through the letterbox.

With 20 award winning classic and signature drinks to choose from, you can either pay for a mini box of 3 (£19.50), a share box of 6 (£39) or a bar box of 9 (£55). 

Grants Morella Cherry Brandy


I do love the taste of cherry alcohol, I first tried something like this in Lisbon as it was a Portuguese traditional drink. But this beautiful brandy was actually established in Kent, while it is a known favourite of Queen Victoria, you heard that right!

In fact, the Prince of Wales is also a known fan, so it certainly brings an element of grandeur with this gift. The bottle is priced at £30 and comes in a 50cl bottle, containing 24% volume alcohol.

Vegan Bunny Lavender Soy Candle Set

Vegan bunny are a UK based vegan friendly brand with a focus on creating products which are free from plastic packaging, carbon neutral and with candles made from natural waxes without any toxic artificial fragrances.

They get the great smell in the lavender soy candle set thanks to the presence of pure essential oils. You can also feel good about yourself as they plant a tree with each order made.

Depending on your budget, you can get a 25 hour burning time or a 50 hour burning time, with the double set of candles served in a beautiful tin.

Olverum Bath Salts

I’ve become quite a big fan of Olverum over the past year, having tried their facial oil, which is certainly a great gift and feels incredible.

The mineral rich Dead Sea salts are the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing evening bath, sustainably sourced from the Kalahari desert.

But these aren’t just any salts, they’re enriched with avocado oil, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, lime, juniper and geranium. You may also want to combine this with the Olverum Bath Oil.

Randies Underwear

One of the most commonly bought presents at Valentine’s is lingerie for women, but maybe we need to see this reversed with some trunks and briefs for the fella.

Randies is a British luxury men’s underwear brand, providing briefs and trunks which offer comfort and style in equal measure. They’re also beautifully packaged (as you can see in the image above), highlighting the effort they put into design and creating that feel of luxury.

Echor Candle

The bath tub filled to the brim, with a bath bomb dropped in and bubbles floating above, soft music playing in the background, the final item you need are some candles to make the perfect relaxing scene.

The Echor end of day candle lasts an incredible 60 hours. If you’re spending 20 minutes in the bath per day, that would mean this would last 180 days, which is half a year!

The slow-burning vegan soy wax candle contains a number of essential oils, including Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Sweet orange and Geranium.

Pink Rhubarb Tonic Water

Whether it’s a gorgeous bottle of Mermaid gin or Bombay Sapphire, gin has seen a rejuvenation over the past few years, fast becoming the countries favourite beverage.

But one issue me and Raquel always had with Gin was the supporting mixer. Plain tonic can be a little dull, sure it adds a nice bitter taste, but I sometimes want to mix it up a little. Enter Fentiman’s!

The pink rhubarb tonic water is absolutely gorgeous, but if you fancied something a little different, they also stock other flavours such as mandarin & Seville orange, lemon shandy, cherry cola, rose lemonade, light sparkling raspberry and ginger beer.

Crossfly Mens Trunks

The Crossfly men’s trunks have a Coccoon internal pocket support system so you can decrease the amount of chafing they might be suffering from. As someone who loves to do squats, I can state that I suffer a lot with chafing, so this sounds great.

They also have a X-Fly system along the front, making it easier and faster when nature calls, all with a super soft fabric.

You can pick between trunks or boxers, with three different styles available, while a pack costs £24.99.

Herd Mentality Game

We have seen a growth of adult games over the past few years, such as Cards Against Humanity, while the new big name for parties is Herd Mentality.

Perfect for groups between 4 and 20 people (if you can fit that many in your house), you’ll have to answer a number of simple questions and aim to get the most obvious correct answer. You will be punished for uniqueness or originality in what is a reverse on traditional gaming!

The game is hilarious and is good for all age groups, while it’s priced at £17 currently, down from £20.

Nude Lip Gloss Edition Bundle

The nude lip gloss edition by Vesta London Beauty is a great product to make those lips shine, while they help to protect and moisturise your lips with the addition of shea butter and cocoa butter. The soft vanilla fragrance also gives these a great aroma.

Making your lips shimmer and making a thicker texture appearance, lip gloss is a must for many people’s daily beauty regime, while you can get the entire bundle for £40.

SEAMS Hand Cream

The Couturiers hand cream contains a perfect formula to help replenish damaged hands and keep them soft through the winter months, containing shea butter, rosehip oil and oat beta-glucan.

The hand cream also came in a little bag, perfect for bringing on holiday, while you can also get yourself a nail file and artisan hand sanitiser.

The hand cream costs £14 and is 75ml, while the added Pro-Vitamin B5 will help to hydrate and protect your hands, plus the hydrolysed keratin will strengthen your nails.

Traeger Rub

Summer isn’t too far away now and that means plenty of barbecues in the garden. Before chucking the meat on the BBQ, you can use the Traeger rubs to add some great flavours, such as garlic and chilli.

Traeger have different rubs which can be ideal for different meats, whether that’s beef, poultry, pork, seafood or even for vegetables.

Altruist Sunscreens

I’ve written in the past about the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine and the one step that always catches people out is the final one, sun tan lotion.

This is because the sun’s rays are the biggest cause of ageing, so adding some sun tan lotion to your daily routine can help to slower the process of skin ageing. However, this would also work as a gift if you have a holiday coming up in the summer months.

Altruist has an SPF50 and SPF30, so you can base it on how careful they like to be. But on top of this, Altruist also has a dry skin repair cream, which can help to moisturise the skin and restore the body’s natural barrier function.

WooWoo Lube

Valentine’s is the ultimate day for romance and it will undoubtedly end up under the sheets, so why not get some water-based pleasure lube for your partner.

The formula is vegan friendly, gently scented, dermatologically tested and cruelty free, while it’s made with aloe vera. WooWoo have a number of items for the bedroom, including a gift set, so it’s worth having a look around their website.

Aoura Midnight Passion Eau De Parfum

Flowers, chocolates, prosecco, a stuffed toy, there is one typical gift for Valentine’s missing, a great smelling perfume.

The Aoura London Midnight Passion Eau De Parfum also works to a tighter budget, providing a floral amber gourmand fragrance.

Available in Boots stores nationwide and online, the parfum comes in a beautiful purple bottle, packing in a decent 100ml of liquid, meaning it should last a good while.

ProYouth Protein Energy Bars

If you’re anything like me, the ultimate gift I could receive at Valentine’s would be a protein bar. I might not be a chocolate bar eater, but a chocolate protein bar is always a sign you know me well!

ProYouth have a natural performance nutrition trial pack, containing 3 60g bars. The flavours are banana split, choco brownie and vanilla delight.

At £5.25, this gift won’t break the bank, but is ideal as a nice gift for any gym addicts.

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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