Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024

Picking out something special for your significant other can always be a little stressful, especially when you want to try something a little more unique and less traditional.

valentines gifts 2024I’ve compiled a list of some ideas to inspire you this February, to bring a massive smile to your partners face.

TCL 40R 5G

tcl 40r 5g

The TCL 40R %G brings high speed entertainment to your loved one, with a hugely impressive 90HZ High Refresh Rate, which basically means it will have a smoother display when watching content.

The 6.6 inch NXTVision display will show sharp true-to-life colours and perfect clarity whether they plan on playing intensive games or a quick crack at CandyCrush.

You will also find a 50mp AI Triple Camera, which can record HDR videos, as well as capture time stopping snaps which are key when watching moving events (I could have done with this at the Cheese Rolling Event in Gloucester)

The issue with many modern phones is that, with all the technology they supply, the battery then wears out before you get home, but this phone has a 5,000mAh (anything bove 4,500 is considered really good in a smart phone) so it can last throughout the day, plus a 15W fast charge to quickly top you back up.

The intelligent charging is also great, slowly and steadily topping up while you sleep so it’s fully charged for when your alarm goes off, increasing the lifespan of the battery.

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Nanogen Hair Thickening Products

The entire Nanogen range has gone right to the top of my list, ideal for men and women alike, they have some amazing products in their range which are certainly worth considering.

The shampoo, both for men and women, smells incredible, I found myself sniffing it at my desk throughout the day rather than putting it by the bath. Your hair will feel smooth and silky after application, while it will help to hydrate and exfoliate the scalp. It also contains keratin, which will help to strengthen your hair follicles.

I also love that they’ve included green tea extract in their products, ideal for dry or damaged hair, while also helping to block DHT receptors, which is vital for those wanting a thicker hair appearance. Green tea contains Catechin, a polyphenol which can stimulate hair follicles and prevent hair and skin damage.

The conditioners contain hyaluronic acid, which will seal the cuticle and lock in that all-important moisture, which can make your hair appear more plumped up, as well as reducing breakage and brittleness.

But the big one to look out for is the Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Serum, which can be applied after a bath onto a dry scalp once per day. Containing pea sprout extract, this ingredient is known for its hair growth benefits, shortening the telogen phase and strengthening the hair follicle. The serum also contains Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, which can strengthen the hair strands and accelerate hair growth, as well as the synthesis of collagens.

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Yin Your Skin SUMU Transformative Facial Mist

Facial mists are a great tool to provide moisture during the day while you’re out and about, which is why I love taking them on holiday when in warm countries, especially if you’re in the sun quite a bit.

It’s all about the ingredients in the formula, which is why this product stands out. The green tea water is anti-inflammatory and packed full of antioxidants to help fight off free radicals. Orange blossom can also help to soothe your skin, which is increasingly important if the harsh weather is causing your skin some issues.

The addition of bilberry extract isn’t one I see as commonly, again packed full of antioxidants and also helping to brighten your complexion. You will also find ginkgo biloba leaf, jasmine, lotus flower and hibiscus flower extract, all sourced from across Europe.

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Djusie Liquid Silk

After a full day out and about, it’s good to come home and cleanse your face, removing any excess sebum or dirt that could be clogging up your pores, preventing breakouts or a build up or oil on the skin. Cleansing can also help to manage your skins pH levels.

The Djusie Liquid Silk (love the name) utilises Squalane as this is naturally found in your skin, while it will create an incredibly smooth silky feeling on your skin (hence the name). You will have a natural glow afterwards and feel soft & smooth.

The Liquid Silk also has a great aroma, quite citrusy like a freshly cut grapefruit, without being overpowering.

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Mavala Nutri-Elixir Ultimate Cream

The Anti-Age Nutrition Ultimate Cream contains a patented pro-lipid booster. So what are lipids? They are healthy skin fats that live in the epidermis, working as a skin barrier to prevent water, microorganisms and electrolytes from going in or out. Sadly, they decrease with age, which means the skin recovers much slower from damage than young skin.

The Nutri-Elixir, sold in stores such as Harrods (a certain sign of approval), will help your skin to feel soft, to have a natural glow and to increase elasticity. The inclusion of Swiss linseed oil is also a brilliant ingredient as it’s rich in the omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9.

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Evolve Rosehip Miracle Oil

Facial oils help to add moisture into the skin, plus they work brilliantly if you have sensitive skin. They can also help to improve your skins firmness, while the Evolve Rosehip Miracle Oil contains natural retinol which will help to fight the signs of ageing.

The rosehip oil retinoids will allow your skin to look much more bright and vibrant, while it can also help to boost collagen formation. This brilliant product by Evolve Organic Beauty will form a key part of their beauty regime, also they have some other great products which are also worth looking at.

Containing argan oil, black cumin seed oil and vanilla extract, this has been formulated to nourish your skin and reduce any irritation you may be suffering from.

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Lakrids By Bulow Love Selection Box

lakrid love selection boxI believed for a long time I wasn’t a fan of liquorice, but Lakrids completely changed my perception, with the scrumptious little balls coated in chocolate and melting in the mouth while offering a subtle hint of the liquorice without being overwhelming.

It can be hard to pick the right pack (strawberry & cream is my favourite), so the Love Selection Box allows multiple options in one beautifully designed box with a heart on the front.

This Danish confectionary brand has worked wonders to create 6 great flavours in the box, being strawberries & cream, milkshake, fruity caramel (also a fave), dark & sea salt, salt & caramel and coffee Kieni.

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Margaret Dabbs Pure Repairing Hand Cream

One issue I find with most hand creams is that they come in minute 50ml tubs, which means it will be gone in a matter of weeks, but this 200ml tube will provide long-lasting moisture to hard working hands.

This award winning hand cream will moisturise your hands and leave them feeling soft and nourished throughout the day. In fact, they state it will last a whopping 72 hours! This is thanks to the trademarked Pentavitin (saccharide isomerate), the superhero moisture magnet, binding within the outer layers of your skin to hydrate for long periods of time and helping to strengthen the skin.

The Pure Repairing Hand Cream is vegan friendly and works with all skin types, ideal if they have sensitive skin, while it’s also non-greasy which I like.

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Horl 2 Dock

Cutting up parsnips for the Sunday roast, it really highlighted how long overdue the knifes were for a sharpening as they struggled to make a dent. The Horl brand sells an incredibly high quality knife sharpener, utilising a grinding wheel.

If your other half has one, but hasn’t got a dock to hold it and therefore it ends up in a drawer, then this can provide a beautiful and useful way to store it. You can pick from two chic colours, being graphite and dark bronze, allowing you to colour coordinate with your Horl2 and your other kitchen appliances.

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Philip Kingsley Shampoo

From shampoos and conditioners to hair masks and treatments, the Philip Kingsley range is expansive so have a deep dive through it all, but the one I wanted to highlight is their shampoo, which I love!

Whether it’s the Pure Colour to improve vibrancy, the Body Building to increase volume or the Anti-Dandruff to soothe the scalp, these are amazing quality and worth the spend.

With four different sizes available, ranging in price from £13 up to £74, you can opt for the size based on your budget.

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Love Raw Vegan Chocolate Mix

LoveRaw Collection

My issue previously with vegan chocolate was that it could never replicate the real deal, but Love Raw have finally managed to crack it.

Not just that, they taste just like some identical looking real-chocolate bars that they’re mirroring, so you can have all the joy without the dairy-guilt.

The moment Raquel spotted these, they were gone! You can also pick from a number of different box options based on your loved ones favourite type of chocolate.

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SheGrowsVeg Tomato Lovers Bundle

Since buying a house last summer, me and Raquel have enjoyed growing raspberries in the garden, creating a healthy and great tasting snack throughout June-August which certainly works out a lot cheaper than buying it at the supermarket.

Tomatoes always taste so much better when they’re freshly grown, while it also brings a massive feeling of pride knowing they came from your garden. This bundle includes 5 different packs of seeds, with instructions on the back, ideal if they’re not the most confident gardener (like myself).

The Black Beauty looks incredible, I didn’t even know tomatoes came in that shade, so this was fascinating to learn and I’m beyond excited to see them grow, while your partner can have that same warm feeling once they’ve planted them in the garden.

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Popcorn Valentine’s Night In Gift Box

Valentines Night In Gift BoxI’m a big advocate for the gorgeous tasting Joe & Seph’s range of popcorn, but this has to be the best yet.

You receive four different packs, including the white chocolate & raspberry popcorn, rose chocolate, caramel macchiato & whisky, as well as a Valentine’s day card inside.

This is the ultimate gift box to go with a stay-in movie night, something me and Raquel often prefer to do over a visit to the restaurant, as a takeaway movie night is that little bit cosier.

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Wassen Beauty + Collagen

These daily sachets are packed to the brim with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin, Green Tea Extract, Copper, Selenium and their own plant collagen complex. These ingredients have been carefully formulated to help improve the health of your hair, skin and nails.

For my vegan friends, you’ll be happy to know the collagen source isn’t from bovine, it’s actually an amino acid complex from plant sources. You get 14 sachets in a single pack, while they have a raspberry and lemon flavour so you can have a tasty drink in the morning, easily absorbed into the water after a couple of stirs with a spoon.

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Aviela Shea Hand Butter

You’re supposed to start using hand creams from your mid-20’s, but unfortunately most people leave it longer than they should. Your hands have delicate skin which gets thinner with time and with sun damage, not to mention general wear and tear, however you can increase elasticity and moisture in the skin with the help of a good hand cream.

The Aviela shea hand butter is brilliant, deeply hydrating the skin, protecting your hands from the outside environment while simultaneously locking in that moisture. Helping to prevent or support dry and cracked hands, they will feel nourished and soft after just one application.

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Dr Bronner’s Organic Sugar Soap

Not sure if they’d like a pump soap for Valentine’s day? Take a step in the bathroom and look at what they use and how much they spend, if they have something with a nice scent or fairly lavish then trust me, they’ll love this!

Utilising cane sugar to exfoliate your hands and helping to remove dead skin cells, as well as helping to add moisture to the hand, not to mention obviously cleaning your skin, this organic soap is made with fair trade ingredients and works wonders.

It perfectly combines with the organic white grape juice (rather than water) to create a more moisturised effect on your skin. I love the size of this lavender scented soap as well, with 710ml lasting you a long time!

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Calvet Crémant de Bordeaux Brut Rosé

Calvet Crémant de Bordeaux Brut RoséA great alternative to champagne (without those champage prices), this beautiful rose apparently should be paired with Asian food containing chilli, garlic and noodles, which sounds like a good excuse to order some Thai food!

Priced at £12 and available from Ocado, this rose from the Bordeaux wine region has a strawberry and biscuity notes, while the packaging on the bottle is equally as stunning. The issue is whether to get just 1 bottle or branch out for a couple!

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Lacura Bath Nectar

I’ll be honest, I love a bath, so this would be more of a gift for myself than Raquel! Nothing beats a bit of bubbles in the tub with some relaxing music on a Sunday, followed by a sheet mask. The ultimate detox before the busy week ahead.

Well you can make your bath feel and smell incredible with the addition of the Almond Coconut Honey or Vanilla Honey, creating a relaxing experience. You swirl in the wooden dipper into the bath nectar and then hold it under the tap as the bubbles start to form and the aroma fills the air.

Packed with hydrolyzed wheat protein, sweet almond oil, honey and Pro-Vitamin B5, these are great for your skin and will make you feel refreshed and recharged.

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Urtekram Cleansing Gel

The first thing I noticed with this was how nice it smelt. The lemongrass scent is fresh, with a hint of lemon, making you feel transformed to a tropical area of the world.

When it comes to cleansers, they come in different textures, such as foam based, while a gel cleanser is thicker but tends to provide a lighter cleanse, which is why they’re often ideal for people with sensitive skin. Helping to remove impurities and excess sebum from the skin, not to mention acne causing bacteria, your skin will thank you for the deep pore cleansing.

Applying this to your face will also help to promote blood circulation stimulation, meaning you will have a more radiant complexion.

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Westlab Relax Bath Salts

I’ve spoken numerous times about my love for a relaxing bath, so once again, this would be more of a present for myself than Raquel, but she doesn’t have to know that!

This also won’t break the bank at £5.99, making it a highly affordable yet luxury gift for your loved one. Why not double up and run a bath for them after they open the wrapping.

The aroma of chamomile and bergamot will fill the air, while they will feel relaxed in no time at all.

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