Outdoor and Active Christmas gifts for the kids

I remember when I was young I spent a lot of my time riding my bike outside with my friends from the neighbourhood, or spending hours marking out chalk drawings on the drive. Nowadays, it seems that a lot of kids (mine included) prefer to receive a computer game or handheld electronic device for Christmas. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, in fact I think it is essential that the new generation learn how computer systems work, and how to code. However, I have spent time wondering whether my eldest son knows how much fun rollerblading down a hill could be, or how great it is to bounce around on space hoppers, racing with friends!

I went in search for the best outdoor toys I could find for Christmas, reviewing the best of the best – and here are my top active kids gifts for this Christmas!

1. A bike

The award-winning Little Big bikes are brilliant as they suit kids from age 2, right up to age 7 – so there’s no need to spend a fortune every 18 months on a new bike! Priced from £175, this product starts out as a balance bike and converts to a pedal bike as your child grows. Plus, it comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Don’t forget: a helmet, lights and a water bottle.

2. A skateboard – Our favourite!

You can buy a skateboard anywhere – there are hundreds of different brands and designs but not all of them live up to expectations, so it’s good to do your research. My 7-year old son loves his Enuff Pyro ll from skates.co.uk, the perfect skateboard for both beginners and more experienced riders. This is a brilliant brand who make seriously high quality skateboards from 100% Chinese maple, with designs cool enough to impress any adult or child! At just £44.95, the Enuff Pyro ll is a complete steal!

Don’t forget: a helmet, knee and elbow pads.

3. Roller blades

Roller blades are also tricky to buy; you want to avoid ending up with a pair that are grindingly loud and irritating. If you wish to glide along easily and gracefully, go for the California Pro Misty II Kids & Adults Inline Roller Skates. They have 3 buckles and velvet high-density foam fabric inners for optimum comfort. With the very best reviews and priced between £41.88 and £52.99, you can buy yourself a pair too! Relive your childhood and get some fun exercise with these bad boys 😉

Don’t forget: a helmet, knee and elbow pads.

4. A space hopper

A space hopper is a cheaper alternative that will still give your child a lot of fun and exercise! These Junior Space Hoppers by Solex come in 6 colours and are just £3.99 each, so you can purchase more than one for your kids and their friends to race around the lawn!

Don’t forget: duct tape for any popping mishaps if using it on a pavement.

5. A skipping rope

Dazzle your child this Christmas with a light-up skipping rope! Suitable for aged 3 and over, this skipping rope is lined with rainbow-coloured LED’s, creating a bubble of light while you skip! A super fun and active gift that doesn’t break the bank at £9.95.

Don’t forget: AAA batteries.

6. A trampoline

Ok it may be a bit pricey at £598.95, but the 12ft Jumpking ZorbPOD Trampoline and Enclosure is the ultimate outdoor toy which can be used by the whole family! Voted Best Trampoline by The Independent, this beast will undoubtedly look extremely cool in your garden. It has been made to the highest safety and security specs and comes with 10 year guarantee on the frame and 5 year guarantee on the bed and springs.

Don’t forget: Measure your garden to ensure you have enough space.

7. A scooter

At last but not least, the scooter. In my opinion, the Micro Scooter is unbeatably the very best on the market! These are brilliantly safe and strong scooters that grow with your child and come with unique and crazy accessories such as bells, seats, bag attachments and ribbon streamers! Both myself and my boys have a Micro Scooter and I can conform that they last for years. You’ll not regret this purchase!

Don’t forget: a helmet, knee and elbow pads.

Let us know what your favourite outdoor toy brand is in the comments below!


Evie Garnett

Evie is the Head of Beauty for Suit Your Look, specialising in hair and skin products. She loves nothing better than natural haircare and learning all about the science behind beauty ingredients!

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