Visors Are Back, The Latest Fashion Trend Of 2018


Who would have guessed these would make a re-appearance in 2018. Well actually quite a few big names did, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Dior. Well these oversized 80’s memorabilia are coming back to the high street and fast.

Why Are They Coming Back?

The main reason is due to the excessive heat this summer in the UK, which has increased the need to block out the sun from the eyes. Some have opted for hats you would normally see at the races, while others have gone for the casual sunhat, but one thing that took UK fashion by storm was the increase in sales (& production) of visors.

Are The Celebs Wearing Them?

Yes, following on from them being heavily featured on the catwalk during the spring of 2018, they have now made it onto the heads of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, just to name a few. They have also drowned Instagram with visor beach shots.

Is The 80’s Look Coming Back?

No, not quite. I wouldn’t dig out those large blazers with shoulder pads and sequin tops as the entire look isn’t coming back, it is simply an 80’s look evolving. There are many such as Dior which are focused on fluorescent colours, but other brands are joining in, such as Burberry who have their style in-printed on the visor. They no longer look as cheap as the one’s in the 80’s looked, where you could pick them up for a few pounds. That’s not to say you can’t pick up a cheap visor if you head down to Primark or H&M today.

What Do You Expect To Sell

The woven kinds are picking up very well this summer, with sales being reported as the highest ever. As we stated, these are a far cry from the cheap looks you used to get, offering something with a bit more of a beach feel. Think elevated materials and oversized shapes. The straw look is doing well here.

Tom Bourlet

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