10 Beauty Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

I’m not usually partial to natural beauty products but coconut oil is used more than anything else in my cosmetics drawer. It actually works, whatever I use it for, and doesn’t stain, sting or irritate. It’s super cheap, available in any supermarket and smells delicious!

With it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil is so much more than just a cooking ingredient. Loved by celebs such as Angelina Jolie and Emma Stone, this wonder oil can fix just about anything! If you like the sound of a cure-all beauty product – give this it a try. Suitable if you are after a natural, organic alternative to chemical beauty products, or if you’re just looking to save a few bob on your Boots shop.

Make sure to you use the raw, organic, extra virgin version of coconut oil, which costs roughly £8 a jar (and lasts for ages). When you use it, scoop out a blob and press it between your palms to melt. Unlike other oils, it doesn’t stain clothing and you only need to use a tiny amount.

Here are just a few ways this tropical miracle oil can be used:


Apply a generous amount to your hair and scalp in the evening, leave overnight and wash out with shampoo the next day. Do this three times a week until your dandruff has completely gone, then once a week to maintain a moisturised scalp.

Hair repair

If your hair is dry, frizzy or full of split ends – use coconut oil to repair it. Use as an overnight hair mask three times a week, or spread sparingly through dry hair to calm flyaways. Rub in to the ends of your hair to stop dryness and prevent split ends and to add gorgeous shine.

Lip moisturiser

Coconut oil is a super hydrating lip balm and adds a gorgeous sheen to your pout. Add a scoop to an empty contact lens holder and pop it into your handbag for lip balm on the go!

Fixing dry, ageing or irritated skin

Coconut oil allows you to effectively moisturise very dry skin without using sticky, heavy creams. It’s antioxidant properties are also naturally anti-ageing – so it’s perfect for those under eye lines. Ensure to only use a tiny amount to avoid blocking pores.

I always apply coconut oil after a shower to replenish my skin’s natural oils and find it leaves my skin soft and supple all day. It’s fatty acids work as a protective barrier to protect your delicate skin from the environment. It also works really well to calm post-shave skin irritation.

Beautiful nails

Coconut oil is the BEST cuticle oil and I find I only have to apply it once a week to stop cracks appearing round the sides of my nails. It also strengthens nails, making them less likely to tear or chip.

Make-up remover

An effective make-up remover, coconut oil is about as natural as you can get so it is perfect for those with sensitive facial skin. Simply spread a small amount gently over your make-up, leave for 30 seconds and rinse off with warm water.

Hard skin scrub

An amazing scrub with a beautifully tropical scent. Mix equal amounts of coconut oil with salt or sugar. The paste effectively moisturises while removing those pesky dead skin cells.

Foot mask

Rub the oil generously into your feet and wrap with clingfilm. Leave overnight and wash off the next day for truly baby-soft feet. Repeat weekly.

Massage oil

Mix with a few drops of your favourite essential such as peppermint or lavender for a lush, completely natural massage oil.

Other uses for coconut oil

  • Run out of shaving cream? Of course, coconut oil is a brilliant replacement!
  • Said to be effective for preventing pregnancy stretch marks and cellulite.
  • Apply a small amount to a hot bath for a soak that won’t dry out your skin.

Evie Garnett

Evie is the Head of Beauty for Suit Your Look, specialising in hair and skin products. She loves nothing better than natural haircare and learning all about the science behind beauty ingredients!

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