Getting Myself A Custom Fit New Look

photoshoot-tom-bourletAs we finally edge closer towards Lockdown ending, I’m having to work out what to wear with the events throughout the rest of 2020 and into 2021, with 4 weddings lined up, around 8 conferences and numerous meetings with clients (let’s hope these all go ahead). I have plenty of options in the wardrobe, however it is hard not to want to find something new and recently I came across Hockerty, a men’s tailored clothing company.

The concept is you directly measure yourself in the exact positions on your body and you can get clothes that perfectly match your size, whether that’s a shirt, suit, blazer, trousers or even your wedding clothing.

I ordered a custom fit shirt and chinos, delving through their beautiful and intricate designs till I found the shirt I loved.

Shirt Customisation

I chose the Teslin blue cotton design, while I started by picking the Kent collar, the common design you expect. With the cuffs, I chose the single cuff 1 button (yep, this is how detailed you can get). You have the option to then add embroidery, high up on the shirt or on the cuff, both choosing the content and the colour and font. The ability to customise the cuffs and collars or adding inner fabric is then offered, as well as adding coloured buttons to the whole shirt or just the cuffs. The cost of the shirt came to £46.

Chino Customisation

Wanting to find something that would look nice with the Teslin blue shirt, I matched it up with some Khaki brown cotton flat-front chinos, priced at £64.

There are 7 fabric options, including van sant, caine, sawada, kefeng, klein, wenders and Kawauchi.

Regarding style, the first question to answer is whether you would like regular or slim fit, personally I’m going to go for regular as I’ve never had the slimmest legs. You can then make a decision regarding the fastening of the waist, the side and back pockets, as well as the pant cuffs.


You can input your personal details, such as age, weight and height and the Hockerty system can make a decent prediction of what size you will be, in case you don’t know where to start. From this, I like to go into each section and customise it to match my body size.

So now is the time to get out the tape measurer and persuade the girlfriend to help out. In case you don’t know how to properly measure any section, there are useful videos walking you through the process.

To help give you an idea of sizes, I have demonstrated what I have input:

Neck: 17

Shoulder Width: 21

Stomach: 40.1

Pants Waist: 39

Thigh: 25

Sleeves Length: 27

Chest around: 44

Trouser Length: 43

Bicep around: 15

Hips: 42.6

The measurements are all in inches. I actually went a bit big for me (stupidly) as I have been moving up and down in weight recently so I didn’t know what to settle on and I didn’t want to order it and have put on weight and not fit!

Once you’ve input all of your measurements, you’re good to go and it’s off to Hockerty to get your custom fit clothing ready to send out! I loved the concept of getting something custom made, something I’ve always had on my bucket list, without paying the extortionate costs of Savile Row tailors.

One additional point is around the packaging, I loved the fact that it arrived in a sealed recyclable bag, inside a Hockerty cotton bag, making it instantly feel high quality and luxurious.

Considering it looks like I’ll be attending the EU Search Awards at the delayed date of October as a judge, this will be the perfect smart/casual attire.


Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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