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Clothes might not make the man, but they can make him look great. The team at The Stag Company have created the following infographic to help you get suited up. After surveying 500 soon-to-be married guys, they’ve found the most frequently asked questions by guys unsure over how to pick the right suit. From which material works best through to what accessories to pick

in order to help you find the right suit for you. After surveying 500 customers who were soon to be married, they created a list of consistent questions that people asked when unsure over how to pick the right suit. This covered everything from what accessories to pick to which cloth will work best for each situation and how to ensure the suit fits perfectly, and how to navigate the do’s and don’ts of suit wearing.

suit guide for men



Picking The Right Cloth

The first thing you should consider isn’t how to wear your suit, it starts with what your suit is made of. This decision should be based on everything from formality to budget to the temperature of your event.

If you’re heading to warmer climes, cotton should be your go-to. Cotton still has a classic suit look while being a more breathable material. Just remember that the lighter the material, the more it’s going to suffer from creasing – this means hanging up your suit the moment you get in to retain the shape. In even hotter countries, such as Spain, light-weight linen suits are the way to go. They’re the thinnest of the thin, perfect for sky-rocketing temperatures, however you might have to embrace the idea of creasing.

For cooler weather, the classic option is wool. The resilient shape and designs are often affordable as well, which is why most office-staff go for wood suits. If you’re attending a big event, or dressing it up you could also consider something a little pricier and out there such as cashmere.


Getting A Good Fit

The difference between a great look and an awful one is often in the fit. Creating a solid silhouette, as opposed to looking like you’re wearing an older brother’s hand-me-down is just one of the reasons that this is easily the most important part of the process. In an ideal world your suit should be tailored to your dimensions.

However, if you’re getting a suit off the rack you should make sure that you do the below basic checks to ensure everything fits well. Once you have the jacket buttoned up, you should be able to neatly slide your hand inside the chest part of the jacket. If it’s still loose then it is too big, while if you can’t fit your hand under then it’s too small.

  • The top button on the jacket should measure up to be just above your navel (if wearing a 2 button suit).
  • Your shirt should show half an inch further than your jacket sleeves.
  • Your suit should come down to the bottom of your flies. This is one basic method of checking it is the right length, while another common method is the ‘cupped finger’ trick.


Picking The Right Colour

A wardrobe should start with three colours when it comes to suits. Black, navy and grey. These three are versatile enough that you’ve got most occasions and styles covered. A charcoal grey is a fantastic choice, it portrays a grown-up but still fashionable appearance. Navy blues are often a second suit purchase and are sometimes a little too out there, whereas black suits can seem to restricted and serious.

To get away from these core three, a dark brown is often a good choice if you want something unique with some charm. The white suits of the world tend to be more attention grabbing, and not necessarily in a good way.


Picking The Accessories

Pocket squares can certainly add a certain ‘oomph’ to your look. There’s a variety of folds from square folds to puff folds that are better for different levels of formality. But one thing to remember is to avoid the common mistake of matching your square to your tie. The square is there to compliment your shirt and tie, matching the two is a major faux-pas.

You also need to make sure you don’t overdo it with accessories. A pocket square, cufflinks and a tie bar can all look great, but too many accessories can make it look very busy. Remember that suits are simple and stylish, less is more.

You can have some fun with the colouring of your socks, with many creative designs made for suit socks. Make sure it covers your ankles and the lower part of your shin.

Belts aren’t necessary, and if you need one to keep your pants up you should consult the fit of your suit. But if you opt to wear one it should match your shoes. Also, get a buckle that fits with the rest of your appearance. A large or unprofessional buckle can spoil an effortless and stylish look.

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