Gift Ideas For A Dog Owner Or A Dog’s Birthday

Is there any greater joy than seeing your dogs eyes light up when you give them a treat? We’re in the process of getting a golden retriever in the next couple of months, while we’ve had to get by with dog sitting for friends and complete strangers over the past 3 years.

If your pooch has a birthday coming up and you want to get some treats, or you know a new dog owner who is potentially throwing a puppy shower (yes, they are a thing and they’re great fun), then look through the suggestions below for the best gift ideas.

Dog Bed

Picking a bed for your dog is an important step, as just like humans, they will spend a significant portion of their day sleeping and you want them as comfortable as possible.

The Mikki Pet calming donut bed is the ideal option, with ultra soft faux fur which feels so incredibly soft, your dog won’t want to get out of bed!


It has a non-slip base so it doesn’t move around, while it’s also machine washable, so you don’t have to worry if it gets really dirty over time.

The donut bed in the image, by Mikki Pet, is an XL, however they also offer this in small/medium/large so you can get an appropriate size for the dog owner.

Dog Treats

When it comes to dog treats, Earth Animal are one of the best brands available in the UK (also available in Jersey, Guernsey and across the pond in the USA).

They have a selection of chews and treats, while the No-Hide chews are easily digestible and dogs love them. They also promote healthy teeth and gums, plus they have no preservatives or synthetics. You might want to opt for the turkey recipe dog chew, complete with pumpkin and cranberries.


They also have a chicken recipe dog chew, made with humanely raised chickens. They also have a venison option, made with free range, grass fed venison, in case you want your dog to live a little classily.

Another great brand you should know about is Harringtons, a UK based brand launched in Yorkshire back in the late 19th century, originally as a milling company, before starting to create pet food in the 1980’s.

They have so many great options, for dogs and cats, both wet and dry. One I’d love to highlight is the mighty meatballs, which comes with 8 packs in a box.


Priced at £20, these treats are resealable and are perfect for those pooches that stare longingly at Ikea hoping you’ll take them for some Swedish meatballs!

Of course, if beef isn’t your best friend’s favourite culinary option, they can also dine on some meaty duck jerky. In the same size packs and the same price, these are made from 90% real meat, while they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, while they’re also grain free.


The UK’s first carbon negative large pet food company also have a chicken range, of course, so you might want to try the meaty chicken sausages, perfect for little treats more often. Made from 70% chicken meat and also some pea protein mixed in, these will have your dog drooling looking for more.


The final recommendation from Harringtons is the meaty chicken fillets, ideal for bigger dogs that need something to chew on for a little longer. Again made from 90% real meat, these have over a year on the best before date, while they offer wholesome goodness for the most important animal in your life.


Another great option is the Nylabone Chicken Jerkey Shish Kebab. Hey, if you finished Saturday night with a kebab, why can’t the pooch?


It’s also a mess-free toy, so they can chew away without getting bits all over your floors. This has been built to challenge aggressive chewers who tend to tear them apart too quickly.

As you can see in the picture, this is an extra large size, ideal for bigger dogs, but they alternatively have them in a small or large size, so you can get the right one for the dog you’re purchasing for.

Dog Lead

When I was dog sitting for a friend last year, it was amazing going on long country walks during the day, exploring new areas and climbing up hills. However, when it was midweek and I had to finish work and then take the dog for a walk at 8pm, I forgot how dark it became in the winter.

Enter night-safe dog leads! The Built Double Handle Night Safe Dog Lead has reflective webbing, so cars will see you as you go past. It also has padded handles, so it won’t rub as much on your hand.


Stretching 6 foot long, you get a decent length with this lead, while the swivel clip is heavy duty, meaning you don’t have to worry about it snapping with bigger dogs. It even has a 10 year guarantee, so you have that assurance of quality in place.

Dog Toys

Dog toys aren’t just a silly gift, they actually have a number of real life benefits and you can’t just use one, dogs require variation and options over time.

Dogs require intellectual stimulation. Think about being in a house, with no ability to watch TV, go on your phone or play games, it’s why they require so much attention and do well with buddies. It’s not just about physical exercise, you need to captivate their mind, otherwise they become destructive in the house and you’ll lose a few pillows.

As well as fighting boredom, they also help to calm nerves at certain times, such as when left alone. One option is the hilarious looking PetLove Barn Buddies


Available as four different animals/colours, they’re also available as a small or medium, priced at £13.99. They have a squeaker inside the plush toy, while I have ‘Oinky the pig’ barn buddy. It’s also pretty robust, meaning it won’t be torn to shreds a few seconds in. 

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