A Festive Christmas Gift Guide In 2019

Ah, Christmas always seems to come round quicker, with an increasingly long gift list, but that can’t take away my festive spirit, as I cut up lines of Sellotape and stick it to the table in front before getting into wrapping mode. But what to buy the in-laws? How about that distant cousin? Or even your mum who never gives a solid answer? Well I’m hoping I can add some inspiration to your shopping list with this carefully chosen Christmas gift guide for 2019.

Personalised Christmas Candle

personalised-candleI do find personalising anything always shows you’ve made that little bit of an extra effort. This orange and cinnamon candle smells absolutely gorgeous and is hand poured in Manchester. The 180ml candle will last approximately 25 hours of burning time, so that’s a fair few baths! The stylish writing of their name at the top looks great and makes for a great gift for the lady in your life. They can be purchased online at Norma & Dorothy.

Mermaid Gin

mermaid-ginI don’t know what started the trend, moving the reputation of gin from being a 60 year old ladies drink to being just about everyone’s drink, but I converted from a doubtful drinker to an avid fan a couple of years ago. The best part is with this rise in demand, we are seeing incredible new tastes and brilliant brands being launched on a constant basis. This is exactly the case for this Isle of Wight business, that started in 2014 but has a growing reputation thanks to their exquisite alcoholic beverage. Plus, the bottles just looks so cool! I mean seriously cool!

A bottle can be picked up in your local M&S, or you can purchase it online from the Mermaid Gin website.

Stocking-Sized Gin

stocking-sized-ginNot all stockings should be made for the little ones, me and my girlfriend make stockings for each other every year and hand sized bottles of alcohol are always a great option. The Cotswold Dry Gin is unfiltered for full flavour, which is why it takes on a beautiful pearlescent cloudiness when you add your tonic (or mixer of choice). The taste is absolutely scrumptious, a perfect twist on the traditional London dry gin, including lavender from the Cotswolds.

Nanogen Set

nanogenThe Nanogen prep, conceal and lock collection is the perfect gift for the fella who is follicly challenged. The set helps to offer a full head of thick natural looking hair with the support of the keratin hair fibres range. They are set out in three easy to follow steps in order to get optimal results. Their products are free from parabens, silicone and SLS, while you can get the shade to match your hair.

The Raw Naturals Set

raw-naturals-rangeThe full range includes beard oil, hair clay wax, universal face cream and face cleansing fluid, however the one I really want to highlight is the gorgeous beard oil! I’ve tried a number of beard oils recently, as my face is scratching my girlfriends cheeks, however many of them have either been too pungent or not enough, with many adopting the ‘Tom Ford’ intense smell which I despise. Many don’t soften your beard or offer the pertinent results, however this is my new fave! The smell is simply divine. Beyond this, the face cream works for all skin types and is packed with jojoba and Vitamin E. The cleanser is a brilliant addition for removing excess sebum and pore clogging dirt, something I haven’t used since I took on the 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine. Finally, the clay is long lasting and equally has a great smile, I’m a new advocate of the Raw Naturals brand. If you want to check out the full range then head to Recipe For Men.

Kayenne Swimming Goggles

swimming-gogglesBeyond the fashion blog, we also run a travel blog and try to get on a plane as often as possible to white sandy beaches where we can jump in the water and swim galore. For those moments, some swimming goggles work a treat. However these work wonders not just for travelling, we are fast approaching the January health-mode with our New Year resolutions, so if they have been piping on about how they are going to hit the pool then this could be the motivator they need! Regularly winning top accolades, the Kayenne features curved lenses which give amazing 180 degree panoramic vision and the lenses are also cut deeper up and down for a superb overall window on the world. Really good for sighting to each side and helping with water confidence. The seal is also super comfortable and hypoallergenic and the easy One-Touch side buckles make fitting fast and simple whilst the goggles are on the face.  Lots of lens options available and the Kayenne is also available in a Junior size for kids age 6 upwards. These are available from Aqua Sphere Swim.

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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