Rodial Super Acids X-treme Acid Rush Peel Review

rodial super acids review

This week I decided to shake up the beauty regime and try a different mask and exfoliator. In my search for the perfect products, I’ve been blending multiple items over the past six months, while this one always intrigued me, with its combination of glycolic, lactic and fruit acids.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It has the longest name they could possibly think of, but at the end of the day it is an exfoliator. It works to remove any dead skin and impurities from the face. It is also supposed to work on age and sun spots, blemish control, fine lines and offer hydration to the skin.

What Actually Does It Do?

I’ve no doubt, considering the ingredients, it works amazingly to exfoliate the skin. It should help to remove any excess sebum and dirt, buff out the skin and leave a healthy glow.

On the other hand, I have some doubts whether it would do absolutely anything to age and sun spots. If that was my aim, I would probably opt for a Vitamin C Serum, however I do feel many products will add in as many buzzwords as possible in order to entice in absolutely everyone.

How Does It Work?

You wash and cleanse your face first, before soothing it into the skin. You then have a 10-15 minute wait, while it takes effect. I’m used to trying both charcoal face masks (10-15 mins) as well as sheet masks (15-20) so I’m very much accustomed now to spending my Sunday mornings relaxed with something painted over my face. In fact, after doing the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine, this feels like a walk in the park.

Straight after, you simply wash it off with luke warm water. I’d also recommend following it up with moisturiser (plus serum if you have it available) and if taking this in the morning then you can follow up with an SPF solution.

What Did It Feel Like?

It felt a lot lighter than many other similar products I had, to the point you have to remind yourself it’s on (so make sure to set an alarm for 10-15 mins later). But you can most definitely feel something at work while it’s on your face. There is a slight tingling and after 8-10 minutes the face goes slightly tight, but again all very subtle.

How Often Should You Use It?

This again comes down to the way your body reacts, so test it once per week and see if you can increase. It recommends twice per week, but again, some find 3 times per week is fine, others find their skin will suffer from irritation if used more than once per week. I’m going to stick with once per week, but that’s more because I’m constantly experimenting with different products and I don’t want to confuse results from one with another.

Would You Recommend It?

I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. In my eyes and from experimenting with beauty products alongside a number of other people, I have found that what works for one, will have completely different results for the others around them. I did like the Rodial super acid peel and I can see it could have great benefits just by reading through the ingredients.

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