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Turn back 3 months ago and I’d never used a sheet mask before. Now I’m using them on a weekly basis, combining different ingredients and materials to test out which offers optimal results. They are easy to put on, they help to hydrate the skin and they’re also a great way to detox on a Sunday or after work.

With anti-ageing ingredients, such as serum and hyaluronic acid, there is plenty to be excited about.

Why Biocellulose Masks?

Let me start off by saying I do love bio-cellulose. This is largely influenced by Korean beauty, however biocellulose seems to stick a hell of a lot better than basic sheet masks, even if they do sometimes cost a little more. As they stick close to the skin, it helps the serum to sink into the skin, preventing any of it evaporating or being wasted.

They are much greater at holding fluids, meaning they will soak up much more of the serum (meaning it won’t just be left in the pack). But for all those who are considering the environment, bio cellulose is 100% compostable, meaning it is certainly the greener option.

They also don’t tear easily, they’re toxin free, they’ll cling closely to the face and won’t suddenly dry out half way through the time required.

What Is The Difference Between A Face Mask And A Sheet Mask?

It all depends on which product you purchase, but they largely have very different purposes. Let’s start with face masks. These are often created in order to extract impurities and sebum (excess oil, not to be confused with serum) from the skin, often helpful with blemish prone skin. They can work wonders, however the peel ones can be painful and some can dry out the skin, therefore careful consideration is recommended.

On the other side, sheet masks are created to hydrate the skin, containing various ingredients, but with the basis being a large quantity of active serum. You should expect around 25ml in each mask.

What Is The Best Sheet Mask Available?

The Marine Moisture sheet mask by Procoal is a great hydrating option, containing botanical extracts, Pro-vitamin B5 and nutrient rich martine ferments. If you love a bio-cellulose option, then you may also want to try the Vonza sheet mask, which is unbelievable! This is the one I’m using in the imagery.

What Do I Do With The Excess Serum?

You are certainly not in the minority if you are left a little confused with what to do with all that excess serum in the pack. The fact is, even with a high quality mask, there will always be some excess liquid left over in the pack, but this raises the question how to utilise it and get your money’s worth.

The first point I want to make is you can store it, but I wouldn’t generally recommend it. Once it has been opened, you should try to use it. With a face mask, it has come off your face and extracted impurities, therefore it could spread bacteria if re-applied to your face at a later date, however this isn’t as relevant with a sheet mask, so if you really want to you can save it in a bottle, as long as it is air tight. I would however recommend using it on other parts of your skin.

You could apply it to dry areas, such as elbows, you can rub it into your neckline, on your chest and into your hands.

Is There Anything I Should Be Wary Of?

Yes, on Amazon there are a number of Chinese brands, which are delivering the product straight from their Chinese factories. The simple fact of the matter is, if they aren’t detailing the full list of ingredients, then there could be something they are hiding, which could be doing more damage than good. Be wary of where, or who, you are purchasing these from. They don’t have to be silly expensive, but don’t go for incredibly cheap, as there has to be a reason.


Would I recommend sheet masks? Hell yeah! They are probably my favourite item within beauty and I’m happy for Korea (or Japan) to keep influencing the beauty brands over here. I’m not convinced by all of the ‘fads’ coming out, but I’m excited to keep experimenting and I’m sure my skin will be grateful to receive the treatment.

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