Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021


Today I wanted to share with you some top tips on what to get your dad this year, highlighting plenty of different options so you can find the one that’s right for him. But most importantly, considering the year we’ve all been through, just make sure to meet up with him and let him know how much he means to you.



I don’t know about your dad, but mine has always had a fascination with technology, from phones to computers, so if I can give him a fancy gadget I know his eyes will light up.

Digital Photo Frame


My dad is a massive photo fan, buying us a printed photo in a frame every birthday and Christmas. We grew up with family photos all over our walls, however I’ve never spotted a digital photo frame in his house.

Produced by Aura, this smart digital photo frame is available in charcoal, chalk white or black white marble. It has a discreet touch bar located at the top of the frame to control the photos.

The Carver also has intelligent photo pairing technology, so you get two similar portrait photos side by side. You can easily get your photos onto the digital frame from your phone or laptop. There are no hosting fees and it offers free unlimited photo storage!


Food & Drink

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach, I’m the living breathing evidence of that! A great food or drink gift can leave a huge smile on his face, so take a look through my suggestions below.

Honey Heaven


This family run company offer a range of gorgeous honeys, sourced from small, artisan Hungarian beekeepers.

The gift pack I have comes with three pots, including honeydew, acacia and lavender honey, however you can choose what three you would like on the website. They’re all completely organic and free from any pesticides or chemical fertilisers, extracted using traditional methods.

The honey gift set costs £33, with free shipping in the UK if you up your order to £40 with an extra pot of honey for yourself. The gift set can be bought from the Honey Heaven website and is a great and unique gift if he loves his morning toast.


Luxury Green Tea Set


Green tea is packed to the brim with antioxidants, helping to fight off free radicals. It has also been shown to help improve brain function, increase fat burning and can even reduce bad breath!

This gift set by Pinestone contains 100g of Jasmine tea, 100g of Dragon Well and 100g of Gunpowder Chun Mee, as well as a re-seal clip to keep your tea fresh.

They’re all loose teas so make sure he has a tea pot with an infuser available. These high grade teas are hand processed using traditional methods, while it all comes in a beautiful box. Pinestone Tea also offer free deliveries on orders made by 1pm, so get your order in now!


Paddy & Scott’s Coffee Kit


I remember once offering my dad an instant coffee and getting a look of discontent. It’s only as I’ve matured have I truly appreciated the taste of a real good cup of coffee.

Paddy & Scott have created a coffee lover’s starter kit, which is an ideal kit for your dad, containing four different bags of freshly ground coffee, as well as some coffee bags.

The four different flavours are Jerry Can (from their farm in Kenya, tasting notes of dried fruit, blackcurrant and nuts), Wakey Wakey (tasting notes of peach, toffee apple and maple), Easy Days (tasting notes of coconut, milk chocolate and cucumber) and Chit Chat, the signature blend with tasting notes of chocolate, salted caramel and cherry.


Chocolate Gift Set


Both my mum and my dad are hooked to the Green & Black’s ginger dark chocolate, a staple of the gift buying season in our family.

But Green & Black’s have such an extensive range, you do get tempted to try some of the others, so the Green & Black’s Father’s Day Dark Chocolate Gift Set offers a great solution, each being organic and 70% dark chocolate.

The mini bars also allow them to have it as a snack without having to watch the calories too closely. But to top it off with a couple of beers make this the ultimate dad-hamper.




Sure, this might seem like the easy way out, but if you don’t know what they will like then this may make them the most happiest, allowing them to pick something they truly want.

With Voucher Express, you can order the voucher for a set price, from £10 upwards, which they can then trade in for the gift card of their choice, with Voucher Express offering vouchers for more than 150 retail and leisure brands. 

You have a wealth of options, such as Arcadia, Argos, Asda, B&Q, Caffe Nero, Ted Baker etc, but the one that instantly jumped out to me was M&S. To get yourself the best tasting food and with absolutely no guilt certainly sounds like a winner!


Black Insomnia Coffee

morning coffee

Labelled as ‘the World’s Strongest Coffee’, this will certainly help to get him up in the morning. Apparently it contains 1,105mg of caffeine per mug, which is four times the amount of an equivalent sized cuppa at Starbucks! That is one hell of an intense hit of caffeine! As they say on the packaging, sleeping is cheating.

The South African based company are now based here in the UK, while you can pick up a bag of their Black Insomnia ground coffee for £14.99 from their website. You can also save yourself money if you sign him up to a subscription, either delivering every 14, 30 or 60 days, costing 20% less.


Cook Book


One of the best parts of lockdown has been the experimentations in the kitchen, trying new recipes every day and exploring the culinary world. My dad has always been an unbelievable cook, with his chicken Jalfrezi a favourite of ours.

A Zest For Life is a great cook book, filled with bountiful breakfast options, packed lunch ideas for the office, afternoon snacks, weekday meals and weekend specials.

One issue I’ve had with a few cookbooks recently was the lack of imagery to accompany the recipes, we eat with our eyes first so you need to be visually inspired before investing the time and effort to make the dish. However, the photography in Zest for Life is incredible, each dish looking tantalising and scrumptious.


Home Comforts

Watching Location, Location, Location in the evenings and sipping on a warm cuppa, I’m definitely getting a bit older and I’m starting to truly appreciate home comforts.

From the dream of having an island in the kitchen to setting up a colour code for the living room, these things all seem to matter a lot more as you grow up. Below are some great ideas if your dad has an eye for interior design and wants a beautiful home.

Duvet Set


If your dad is anything like me then they’re guilty of not buying new bed sheets and duvet covers often enough, so why not get a nice set for him that matches the colour code in the bedroom.

There is an amazing range on Portfolio Home, including the one in the picture, available as a single, double, king or a super king.

They have thousands of products in stock in a wide range of styles, while they’re also available from Amazon and JD Williams.

There is no greater feeling than climbing into a bed with newly washed sheets, so why not surprise him and make the bed for him on Father’s day!

Coffee & Tea Storage

typhoon coffee storage

I can shamefully admit I have been keeping my great tasting ground coffee beans in Tupperware. My tea bags sit in the Yorkshire Tea box and my sugar sits in a drawer, it’s not the greatest vision for anyone who is feeling a little house proud.

But the living grey storage set by Typhoon is perfect, instantly transforming the kitchen surface to look like something from a magazine. No more tea bags loosely hanging out of a paper box, anyone visiting will instantly admire the beautiful little storage canisters.

Typhoon have used a sustainably sourced bamboo fibre lid, while the canister can hold up to 1 litre in capacity, the perfect size for your dads coffee and tea. 



Only once I hit my thirties did I truly understand the love for slippers. It could be that I started working from home as a consultant, but it keeps your toes warm and feels cosy with every step.

Glencroft have some amazing sheepskin scuff slippers, priced at £49.95, which will certainly be a level above what your dad probably has. They’re easy to slip on and off and they feel like a continuous hug for your feet.

They come in sizes from 4-13, in a tan colour and made from real shipskin. They have other options on the website, but I thought these were the best and just looked so cosy.



Whether it’s a nice shirt or a new watch, why not offer something to jazz up your dad’s wardrobe and help him with a new look. It is easy to get in a rut and keep wearing the same clothes, so sometimes it helps to get an outsider offer something a little different.

Ultimate Beard Kit


If your pops has a hairy chin, then why not help him mould and control that wild thingwith a beard kit, complete with everything you will need to help keep the skin moisturised and the hairs under control

The pack, created by skincare, haircare and shaving brand Grüum, is complete with a washbag, beard oil, beard wax, beard comb, exfoliating face wash, gentle moisturiser and a rejuvenating facial tonic. It also came complete with a beard comb.

You should be exfoliating your skin once per week, so this can become part of his Sunday routine, while the beard oil, moisturiser and wax can become a daily aspect. The beard shampoo is a bit of a gem for beardies, as you shouldn’t use normal shampoo as it will dry out the skin and cause flakes.

Priced at £50, this means you pass the minimum for free delivery, while you also get a free gift with orders over £50.

Eau De Toilette


My dad was the person that introduced me to eau de toilette when I was growing up. The first one I was gifted by my dad for my birthday was Davidoff Cool Water, which smelled so unbelievably nice. It therefore feels a pertinent gift to offer him a newer version by Davidoff in Hot Water.

Perfume Direct have this available for £18.99, with a fiery scent, with notes of absynthe, basil, paprika and patchouli. Perfumes Direct have a number of men’s perfume options available, starting at £20, meaning you can pick and choose the one you think your dad would love the most.


Natural Skin Care


I could hardly run a beauty blog and not cover skin care as a potential gift idea! Dr Hauschka has an amazing range of natural skin care for the face and body.

For most dad’s, their beauty regime will stretch as far as a moisturiser when they get out of the shower, so that’s where I’ll start. The Quince Day Cream helps to protect and moisturise the skin, utilising jojoba, apricot and avocado oil.

It’s a light, breathable formula that will keep the moisture locked in, while you can either opt for the full 30ml size, or if you’re after a low cost gift then you can get it in a 5ml tube.

dr-hauschka body oil

You may want to supplement the day cream with another gift from Dr Hauschka, especially as they offer free delivery on orders over £40, therefore it might be worth looking at the Birch Arnica Energising Body Oil.

This is a great option if your dad loves to play sports, applying it after exercise to help ease the muscles and with a refreshing scent as well. Containing a combination of arnica, burdock root, birch leaf and nettle, the energising body oil has been formulated to nurture the skin and boost circulation.


Healthy Skin Gift Set


Rather than opting for individual products, it might be easier getting a set, covering all bases. Sebamed offer an amazing option which is perfectly catered towards a male audience, containing a body lotion, face & body wash, after shave balm, deodorant and hair & body wash.

The Face & body wash contains an active moisturising complex with pentavitin, vitamins and allantoin, protecting the skin from dehydration. 

The Hair & Body Wash will help to relax and refresh the skin, with a care formula containing regenerating panthenol and natural moisturisers.

After shave is a common item every guy will own, key to help relieve the skin after shaving. The Sebamed after shave balm will moisturise and soothe irritated skin, stopping it from getting itchy and red.

The deodorant has a 3 in 1 active system to gently care for the underarm and prevent any bad smells from coming out of your dads shirt. It’s dermatologically and clinically tested and specifically formulated for high skin tolerability.

The moisturising body lotion can be applied all over, such as the elbows where cracks often form, or on the knees which are notoriously known for being dry. The lotion will hydrate the skin thanks to the clinically tested formula, containing camomile and allantoin.


Hair Loss Treatment


One of the worst parts of getting older for men is seeing our hair disappear. I was petrified when I got my haircut that it might have receded quite a bit, but fortunately it looked alright after the chop.

If your dad is suffering from mild hair loss then you might want to gift him the Son’s luxurious thickening shampoo. Sons are a men’s haircare start-up, whose products are tried, tested and clinically proven to fight hair loss, something dads up and down the country have been needing in their lives!

You simply apply it to wet hair, massage for a minute and a half, then rinse it off. Utilising a DHT blocking shampoo, they might be able to protect their hairline and keep their youthful look for a bit longer. 


Fur Lifter


What’s the point of putting on something smart, spraying your eau de toilette on and gelling your hair if your coated in dog hairs, it will be the first thing people notice.

Fortunately OXO have the perfect solution with their fur lifter, the ultimate item to get pesky hairs off of your clothes or furniture.

Looking after a friend’s dog, it’s crazy how much they moult and shed hair all over the house. This is an absolute blessing to have near the door before you go, or to use on furniture before someone comes to visit.

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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