Father’s Day Gift Guide For 2017

Father’s day is quickly sneaking up on us and it’s panic stations for everyone who is leaving it late to buy a gift, but there is no reason to get something rubbish from a petrol station. Take a look through our father’s day gift guide for 2017 and be inspired, with something to match every type of dad.

The Cheesy Yet Brilliant Gifts

Personalised Chocolate Gift Card

chocolate cardI love this one! This card has ‘despite what mum says, I think you’re great, lots of love *name* x’. I have to be honest, I didn’t even realise chocolate gift cards were a think before I spotted this and I’m really glad I’ve found it! When the girlfriend’s birthday comes around I will certainly be buying one!

Purchase From Candy Mechanics


Daddy Bear Coaster


This is a sweet gift you can offer without looking too cheesy, while also offering somewhere to place his beer! The coaster is made of porcelain and can be dispatched within one working day, making it a nice gift you can get pronto.

Purchase From Born Gifted


Quiet Rebellion Socks

quiet-rebellion-socksI’m not going to lie, I’m quite a fan of snazzy socks. Well let’s just face it, most dads will be expecting some socks on father’s day, however most will be expecting plain black or white. None will be expecting some like these! Surprise him with a pair, with an amazing range of colourful and stylish socks, but my favourite is clearly the jigsaw style.

Purchase From Quiet Rebellion


For The Dad Who Loves A Tipple

Lolita Best Dad Ever Glass

lolita-glassThis handpainted ‘best dad ever’ pilsner glass is a great gift to show your dad how much he means to you, while also a great addition if you’ve bought him some beers. The Lolita range has a wide range of unique glassware designs that are worth considering.

Purchase From Flamingo Gifts


Charlie Well’s IPA

charlie-wells-ipaI only came around to the world of IPA’s about a year ago and already they have become my favourite drink! When it comes to reviewing alcohol I will always be blunt and give my honest opinion…This tastes frikin unbelievable! I could give you all the sales talk about how it has a ‘gentle malt character and minerality with a pronounced happy fruitiness’, however what I really want to say is IT TASTES AMAZING. You can pick up a case for a decent price, while you’re also supporting a local UK based brand.

Purchase From Charlie Well’s


MeanTime Barrel Aged Porter

Meantime Porter

Gifted in a luxurious box, making it appear like a bottle of whiskey, the London Porter has been aged for over 6 months (they have some serious willpower to wait that long) in deep wooden casks, which offers it that unbelievable taste. What is interesting is me and a couple of others poured a bottle out into a few glasses and all compared, yet each one of us tasted something different however everyone loved it. My mate tasted a hint of coffee, another tasted something quite fruity while I felt like I was picking up on chocolate. Seriously, we all felt insanely pretentious for the day, but that soon changed when we knocked back this glorious tasting beer.

Purchase From Meantime Brewing


The London Essence Tonic

My dad is a HUGE fan of Gin and Tonic, therefore this is always a winner and a great accompaniment with a bottle of alcohol. However the London Essence brand has a number of great tasting flavours, with my favourite by a country mile being the ginger ale. They have a delicately light flavour, so they don’t take away from the taste of the alcohol, but simply add a subtle hint of something a bit different, to tantalise and test your taste buds.

Purchase From The London Essence


Zippo Hip Flask

zippo-hip-flaskThis stainless steel hip flask is a cheeky, yet useful gift for your old man, allowing him to have a cheeky drink while out of the house. The 3oz size also means it fits quite comfortably into the pocket, much more preferable to an oversized bottle bursting out of the jeans. If you are buying your dad a drink, this is a great additional gift to slip in.

Purchase From Zippo


Ale Soap

Meantime Soap

The Meantime London Pale Ale Glycerine Soap is a bit of a funny alternative gift if he’s a fan of ale and needs a good scrubbing. The bar of soap does actually contain real beer, giving it an interesting scent. Not every present should be 100% serious, this is a great cheeky gift to include in your selection, especially if you’ve bought him alcohol already.

Purchase From Meantime Brewing


For The Dad With An Inner Nerd

Fuze Box

fuze-boxThe Fuze box might be built to teach children how to code, but it is perfect for the parent who wants to keep up with the modern world. Built with a Raspberry PI device built in, your father will learn to program, understand computing, discover more about the workings of electronics, learn how to debug issues and explore the mysterious world of robotics.

Seriously, this is one my dad would love!

Purchase From Fuze



scalextric-le-mansThis was the greatest toy of my childhood, alongside lego, plus it is a great game to play with your children! Plus there are so many sets, such as formula one, while you can also buy plenty of cars to match his interests. The Le Mans set comes with the potential for four different track layouts, while the cars look swish as hell! In fact, forget just getting this for the dad, this should be a present for almost anyone who had one as a child. If you know a child, this will be his favourite toy for life.

Purchase From The Hornby Scalextric Store


Stormtrooper Cookie Jar

starwars-cookie-jarIf he’s got a bit of a sweet tooth, then this Starwars ceramic cookie jar is a great option, especially as you can fill it with all his favourite biscuits and chocolates. If he’s a fan of Skywalker and the gang, then this is a great gift, especially if he is still a child at heart.

Purchase From Flamingo Gifts


Speck Case For Macbook Pro or Iphone

speck-cases-2Almost every time I buy a phone I promise myself I will buy a protective case, forget and then break my phone within the first 6 months. Not even lieing, this has happened for about ten years and I haven’t ever bought insurance…I’m not a quick learner! But these slim line cases offer some unbelievable protection to your electronic goods, without filling out your pocket or bag with something oversized.

It also has a no-slip grip, something I like as my phone is constantly slipping out of the hand. The fact that you can get these in different colours and styles means you can get the one which will work best for him.

The Macbook Pro cover is a two-piece hardshell, which is very much lightweight and has non-slip feet at the bottom allowing it to stand off the base.

Purchase From Speck


For The Stylish Dad

Percy Nobleman Beard Kit

percy-noblemanThe entire Percy Nobleman range is simply bursting with undeniable quality and elegance. If your dad likes to grow his beard out then the beard grooming kit can help him to keep it under wraps and make it smooth to the touch. I also like the addition of the moustache wax, I’ve never tried one of these but will be giving it a go very soon as mine is normally out of control! You could also supplement this pack with a premium beard oil, which will work like a balm and smells amazing!

In fact, regardless of whether he’s a bearded fella or clean shaven, you might also want to consider the Face and Stubble moisturiser or the face wash. I remember using moisturiser when I was 15 (I was bearded from a young age) and my mates mocked me for it. Almost 15 years on and I have ridiculously soft and healthy looking skin. This might not be in his thoughts, but you can help him stay looking younger that little bit longer.

Purchase From Percy Nobleman

Gant Shirt

gant-cheque-shirtIf you don’t know this brand, it is the epitome of class and quality. Their shirts feel like you’re being hugged by a marshmallow, while they cut and shape in exactly the right positions, giving you a slimmer and muscular appearance. I’m a massive fan of the lumberjack style shirt, so this is a big winner for me!

Purchase From Gant

Braun Face & Head

braun-kitThe Braun face and head precision trimming kit is perfect for both cutting, shaving or trimming both the beard and hair on your head. The blades are incredibly sharp, meaning you don’t have to worry about them going blunt, while you will get a good hour out of a full charge. In fact, a useful bonus to this pack is it includes an extra option for ear and nose trimming…Because…As much as your dad might not to admit it, he has reached the years where they really need trimming back!

Purchase From Braun


L’Insoumis Eau De Toilette

lalique-perfurmeA hugely popular option for father’s day, a cologne is a great gift idea as men all like to wear it, but we shudder when we walk into stores and see the prices, so this way he doesn’t have to consider the cost. The L’Insoumis Lalique has a really nice smell, however it is also less known, meaning he won’t smell like every other guy in the room (seriously, 90% of dad’s seem to smell of Joop nowadays). It also comes in a really stylish looking black and silver box.

Purchase From Lalique


Gillette Fusion ProShield

gillette-fushion-proshieldPeople who don’t have to shave simply don’t understand how often you have to replace the heads and how much this tends to slip our minds. It’s always incredibly useful to have a pack spare, so a shaver and spare heads is a great option, while the Gillette Fusion Proshield is currently branded in a limited edition Lions pack. My favourite addition to this shaver however has to be the Flexball, allowing to reach those annoying areas I always used to miss.

Purchase From Gillette


Zippo Lighter

zippo-lighterDoes your dad smoke? In fact, even if he doesn’t, there is something insanely cool about Zippo lighters! They come in an Armor case and are highly durable, while they are very simple to refill. Made in the USA, you are also assured of a quality standard you should expect with a brand such as this.

Purchase From Zippo

Superman Lounger

superman-loungerAs we all get older, that blanket starts to look more and more comfortable, however it doesn’t mean we all want to look like a grandpa buried in sheets on our armchair. This incredibly humorous lounger feels absolute snug for the colder months, while you can easily walk around in it, meaning cheeky trips to the kitchen for a bag of McCoy’s. It’s also completely machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about dragging it along to the dry cleaners and looking a bit bizarre.

Purchase From Groovy UK

For The Summer Loving Dad

Havaianas Flip-Flops

havainnasWe’ve finally reached the summer months and the sun is out (please don’t tell me I’m jinxing it), so it is the British time to slip into shorts, oversized shirts and flip flops, while cooking summer burgers in the garden! The problem is that flip flops are notoriously uncomfortable if you opt for a cheap brand. Pay that little bit extra and you can get something much more stylish and a million times more comfy; enter Havaianas! If he’s going anywhere nice this summer, he will be eternally grateful for you if you pick a pair up for him.

Purchase From Havaianas


Fire Pit Bowl

firepitForget a disposable BBQ, it’s time you stepped it up a little! Take a look at the Elidir Large Cast Iron Fire Bowl! This heavy case fire pit will keep you warm in the garden during the winter months, while it also comes with a BBQ rack to go on the top for you to enjoy during the summer months. One warning, this isn’t one to take down the beach, as it weighs A LOT. This is one to enjoy in the garden when friends are coming over. Trust me, I’m a big fan of this one!

Purchase From Wyevale Garden Centre


BBQ Tool Set

bbq-toolkitWell I could hardly talk about a BBQ without highlighting some tools to go alongside. The problem is whenever I have a bbq, the tools we have are always suited towards a normal kitchen and don’t really work with a BBQ. This is where the Garden Tools kit comes in, with a grill tong, a pig fur brush, a stainless steel grill fork and a spatula. All are made with ash wood handles, giving it that luxurious appearance.

Purchase From Find Me A Gift


The Sporty Dad

Art Of Football T-shirts

art-of-footballIf your dad is a big footie fan, this is a really cool way to get him a football top he doesn’t already own (rather than just getting the latest addition of the football jersey). The one I have in front of me is of Knockaert,      the Brighton legend that just helped us get into the Premierleague. The artistic style also means he can wear the top around town and it won’t look as ‘football-fan’ if that makes sense. I’m seriously in love with the Knockaert top, this is such a good gift for a football focused father, so I’d recommend digging a bit and finding his childhood football hero.

Purchase From Art Of Football


For The Coffee Guzzling Dads

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

union-coffeeForget that nasty instant stuff, if your dad appreciates a proper cupper, then take a look at the Union hand roasted arabica coffee from Peru. With notes of red apple, raspberry jam and sticky toffee, this will leave him speechless, with a quality score of 84.5 (trust me, that means it is good coffee). In fact, step it up a notch and make him the coffee first thing in the morning, that will definitely help start the day the way he’d like it to go.

Purchase From Union Roasted


Fair Squared Coffee Shower Gel & Body Lotion

coffee-shower-gelWhen I was a kid, I couldn’t understand my dad’s addiction to coffee, however as life changes are inevitable, I now drink several mugs a day. Well if your dad is a bit of a coffee fiend, he might find this product interesting, helping to revitalise, hydrate and stimulate that set of hair. Plus, the ingredients are all fairly traded, something still heavily lacking in this industry, while it is also suitable for vegans.

Purchase From Fair Squared


Batman Latte Mug

coffee-latte-mugI am a fiend for latte’s, however they never fit my coffee mug, splashing everywhere as I carefully pour in milk right to the top. If your father is a fan of the milkier coffee, then surprise him with this hero influeced mug and make him the Dark Knight of the kitchen! The mug can hold up to 750ml, so it is definitely more equipped to handle your cuppa than the usual mug.

Purchase From Truffle Shuffle


The Organised Dad

Happy Jackson Little Notebook

im-so-brilliantIf your dad is anything like mine, then he’s a keen organiser and can’t understand how modern generations go without a notebook in hand at all times. This cheeky little red book makes for a great present, with the front stating ‘I’m So Brilliant, I sometimes surprise myself’.

Purchase From Flamingo Gifts


Other Really Interesting And Unique Gift Ideas

Anti Snore Pillow

anti-snore-pillow-2If your dad is regularly being made to sleep on the sofa after an hour of grumbling in his sleep, to his wife’s annoyance, then this could be the marriage saver they have been searching for. I seriously didn’t realise this was a thing, but I’ve tested it out and it works a charm! The pillow is a little more tougher, but that is understandable and so worth it as it genuinely worked!

Purchase From Sleepy People


Torch Coat Heater

torch-coat-heaterThis Velcro stick coat heater can work with any coat and fits perfectly in, making it a nice addition whether your dad is off on an extreme skiing trip or simply wants to feel a bit warmer when he leaves the house. To be honest, this gift works well for so many different people, as it can be used at festivals, it can keep you warm while riding a motorbike, or more than likely it will be stolen by my girlfriend soon as November come around.

Purchase From Torch Coat Heater


S+ Sleep Solution

sleep-solutionIt sadly seems we struggle to sleep more and more as we age, despite the fact that we get increasingly tired. If your dad is having trouble nodding off in the evenings then this could be a very pragmatic and thoughtful gift which he will be thanking you for once he starts feeling a lot better. The machine will monitor and analyse your sleep, while it can also play rhythmic sounds which are synchronised with your breathing, to help slow it down and ease you into dream-land. But one of the best aspects is how it can judge your rooms light, noise level and temperature to see if this is causing an effect on your sleep.

Purchase From Amazon


Castle MacLellan Pate

pate-castleFrom rannoch smoked duck pate with apple jelly or luxury orkney crab terrine with lemon juice and mustard to chicken liver pate with Scottish heather honey, there are so many great tasting pate’s available. The Castle MacLellan brand is such a high level of quality and taste, while the expiry date is normally at least a good month away, meaning plenty of time for him to try them all.

Purchase From Castle MacLellan


52 Things To Do While You Poo

things-while-pooWell it does exactly what it says on the tin! This hugely hilarious book is filled with puzzles and random facts which will keep you amused for ages. I judge the man that doesn’t want to read or play on his phone while on the toilet, so make sure his break-time reading is more entertaining than the back of a shampoo bottle with this funny gift.

Purchase From Flamingo Gifts




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