Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For 2020

Forget getting your dad a tie or your sister a hand cream, and don’t even dare mention shopping vouchers. We buy the same things every year, so I wanted to include a couple of unique gifts for my Christmas recommendations this year.

Personalised Beer Set

timothy taylorsI love this idea and I know my dad will! The Yorkshire based brand Timothy Taylor’s has launched a personalised bottle pack, with two bottles of their great tasting pale ale, along with a glass. You can get the name and a message printed onto the bottles, which makes it a fun and unique gift.

I’ve got the 2 bottles & tulip pint glass gift pack, which can be purchased from their website for £25. Alternatively, you can opt for a greater amount of drinks, with the packs including 12, 16, 24, 32 or 48.

I’ve become a big pale ale fan over the past couple of years, being my go-to drink now when in the pub, while these taste absolutely gorgeous. It’s actually rated as the UK’s number 3 cask ale brand and will certainly make for a very ‘hoppy holiday’.

This is also not just a brand jumping onto the growth of cask ales, they’ve been around for more than 160 years! They also offer free delivery within the UK, making this a great and unique personalised gift for a loved one this year.

Alpaca Hot Water Bottle With Chilcott Lavender

hot water bottle lavenderThese cosy comforters will be the next best thing to a hug if you can’t be with your loved ones in person this Christmas (which sadly may be the case for some this year).

The super soft hot water bottles are made from alpaca and British wool. As I stroked many a alpaca while in Peru, I can testify they can be very soft.

Each hot water bottle has a pocket of Chilcott lavender attached, so when the hot water bottle warms up, the lavender will work its magic and fill the room with a wonderfully relaxing aroma. The moment you smell the hot water bottle, you will feel like you’re sinking into a ball of comfort.

The alpaca hot water bottles are available in 8 beautiful colours, with a contrasting lavender bag. If you want a small one, then it will cost £45, while a large hot water bottle costs £55.

Christmas 2020 is likely to be a Christmas like no other. Quality time, love and comfort will be gifts most treasured. Chilcott is a family run, sustainable British lifestyle and interiors brand based in Brecon Beacons, that stitches love and comfort, plus a little bit of lavender, into each of its products.

The Chilcott team works alongside highly skilled British craftsmen to create a range of luxury handmade products for you, your home and your dog. Central to the business is the Chilcott lavender farm perched on a Welsh hillside, which provides oil for the home fragrances and scents many of the lifestyle items.

Personalised Playing Cards


Whether it’s a niece who went travelling around the world and has some amazing pics in front of Machu Picchu, or it could be your mum who’d love  a picture of your whole family together. Who ever it is, personalising playing cards with a photo that will resonate with them is a really caring gift.

Of course, this also opens you up for some games this festive period! If you’d like some personalised playing cards, head over to Proper Goose, where you can pick them up for £19.50. You can also add a gift card for one extra pound. 

Collagen Zooki

collagen drinkWhy not mix it up this year in the beauty department and get someone special some hydrolysed marine collagen, wrapped in ‘liposomes’. These are tiny bubbles of phospholipids, that shield, protect and deliver collagen through the digestive system and into the bloodstream.

The collagen is ‘hydrolysed’ into smaller collagen peptides, that are easier for the body to absorb.

Marine collagen is rich in type 1 collagen, the most abundant form of collagen within the body. Liposomes accelerate the absorption of nutrients in the intestines, while they also protect nutrients from the harsh environment of the gut.

Having delivered the collagen, liposomes break down and are used by the body to make new cells.

They taste better when cold, so try to store them in the fridge before giving them as a present or let the giftee know they should keep them in the fridge. TV’s body fixers presenter Dr Nina Bal highlighted that when looking at collagen drinks, it is essential to look at two factors: Size of the molecules and delivery system.

The reason why Zooki is so effective is because the collagen is fragmented into small hydrolysed pieces and science backed liposomal absorption, which both guarantee the most bio-availability achievable.

Wireless Earbuds

edifier x3I used to be quite-anti wireless headphones, I thought they were simply a fad, until I tried working out with them, that was a complete gamechanger!

Not getting them tangled on the dumbbells, being able to move around freely and being able to run on the treadmill without it pulling on my ears, they were amazing!

So I want to introduce you to the Edifier X3 true wireless stereo earbuds. The true wireless X3 earbuds feature the latest Bluetooth v5.0 and Qualcomm chipset, delivering a faster, more stable signal transmission for minimal interruptions while listening.

These compact buds use a lower power consumption to hold 6 hours of playback time, with an extra 18 hours available using the neat charging case before requiring mains power.

Both earbuds are installed with a CVC v8.0 noise cancelling isolation microphone for clearer calls whilst on the move, and they have an IPX5 rating for sweat and water resistance. One step pairing and touch controls make the earbuds really user friendly.  

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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