A Picturesque Present This Year: Made By George

We’ve covered all types of potential Christmas presents this year, from Advanced Caviar Skin Care to a grooming kit for beardies, however now we have something a little bit different. Enter designer and artist George Katralis, or as he is also known, Made By George. A quick look through his illustrations will highlight his undoubted talent, while the comprehensive range or categories means you can find the exact picture to suit your giftee.

It should also be highlighted that you can order a completely customised piece, which would be perfect as a wedding gift or just as a cheeky present for someone special in your life.

A Little Bit Of Cuba

This is the one that caught my eye, as Cuba has always been high on my bucket list. I spent 3 months in South America a couple of years ago and when I returned I swore to head up to central America and then to the Caribbean. The image designed by George completely epitomises what is beautiful about this area, with the bright coloured housing, the romance, music and gorgeous palm trees overlooking a cafe.

Cuba illustration

Santorini Is Something Special

My cousin Toby got married in Santorini and I was devastated I couldn’t make it, however the customised image by George of another couple’s wedding in front of the world renowned blue top buildings is almost identical to the photos of the wedding. When Toby’s anniversary comes around, I will make sure to contact George and put in an order for him!


Is It Because I’m A Londoner

Growing up in London, I never appreciated its beauty, or maybe its just because I was a kid and it all bored me a bit. But now I love to return home and stroll through museums, monuments and relentless festivals and events. I adore the bold and striking Queen’s Guard design, where the colours of red and black meet a plain cream background – it’s perfect for anyone who loves this bustling and cosmopolitan capital city and would make for the ideal gift. As soon as we saw this print, we stuck it straight up on the wall, however we’d love to get this one in a frame!


Let It Be

The moment I took this one out of the pack in the office, Helen behind me almost leaped out of her seat towards me. We may never live through Beatles mania, but the affect it still has on people is simply astonishing and impressive. Their music will always live on as probably the greatest musicians of all time, while I loved the characteristics of Paul shown on this piece. It’s also a great tune!

So which one is your favourite? Have a look through his entire collection at made-by-george.com

Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet loves to travel and also runs a travel blog. A fan of sports and nutrition, fashion and living life to the full, Tom has also spoken at multiple conferences about Digital Marketing.

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