Black Leopard Skincare Review

black leopard review

With a badass name like Black Leopard, these guys had a lot to live up to, so I was more than delighted to give the whole product range an in-depth review, combining an anti-perspirant, a 2 in 1 shaving gel cleanser, an exfoliating face scrub, a hair styling cream and a moisturiser. I do love men’s grooming brands that offer the full range, rather than just a pre and post shave gel/cream.

Face Scrub

This was the first one I wanted to test out, as I have been experimenting with 4-5 exfoliators at the moment and they do often intrigue me. As important a step as these are in a skincare routine, many brands have been knocked recently, for using elements which can be jagged and different sizes, potentially causing damage to the skin, such as apricot pits, therefore I was happy to see they opted for black rice, alongside glycolid acid.

The scrub comes in at 100ml, meaning you can pack it in your bag for flights, while it sits comfortably on the side of your bathroom when taken out of the packaging.

It’s funny to contrast men’s face scrub to unisex ones, as male skin is 20% thicker. For example, if you tried the Clearasil exfoliator, it is very gentle so as not to hurt anyone with sensitive skin, but this product is made for men, with much harder bits to help remove all the dead skin.

2 in 1 Shaving Gel Cleanser

Oh would you look at that, Witch Hazel! This has become the beauty buzzword for 2019, as one of the most popular ingredients, due to an increasing list of benefits consistently coming out. However just stop there and I’d be a little disappointed, fortunately this product doesn’t do that. They offer tea tree oil to help protect the skin with its antiseptic properties, while lavender is also utilised to sooth the skin.


I really like the design of the bottle, it feels really high quality, with a lid/dispenser you’d expect from a beard oil. The scent I struggled to put my finger on, it’s really nice, but I think the smell it most reminds me of is that smell of a barber’s. That probably doesn’t help to explain the scent at all, but it is the exact smell I get from my local barbers and I like it! The product includes some TM ingredients which I have no idea what they are or how they benefit (Ion Moist, Xpertmoist and Uplevity) but I’m sure they’re as powerful as a black leopard chasing a gazelle.

Hair Styling Cream

After removing the sealed lid, expect a sudden shock! It was a thick purple cream, not like any hair product I have ever seen in the past. The good news is that purple colour doesn’t transfer to your hair at all. It completely sinks in and gets to work. But most importantly, it shapes without creating that tacky ‘wet look’, which is pivotal when picking a hair gel.


I was happy to find out they have utilised a number of essential oils in this product, the roll-on antiperspirant has a very masculine scent, while it seemed to last throughout the day after testing. It interestingly recommends applying before bed, not something I have ever done in the past so I stuck to applying in the morning, but it would be interesting to experiment with this at some point. Then again, I shower first thing in the morning so not sure of the benefit of applying the night before.


I do love the style and appearance of the packaging, keeping it simplistic and stylish, with a black, grey and white colour focus. You also have the darker shading of the leopard at the bottom of each box. All of the packaging feels highly durable, meaning there should be no issues in transport, while they strongly push the ‘Made in Australia’ message.

One extra positive note was that the exfoliator was sealed. This might sound like a give-un, considering you should expect this, but when many products are made in China, they can escape certain required legislation within the EU around testing and not being properly sealed is a common sign of this.

Tom Bourlet

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